Newbie Here!!

My name is Niesha, but I prefer to be called Ni. I'm new here to the forum, and also new to mystery shopping. I have no idea what to do or where to start. I'm 37. I live with my fiancé, my 2 children, grandbaby, and dog. My fiancé is the most loving woman that I have ever known, and is a blessing to have in me and my children's lives. Soon, I'll be planning my wedding. I'm so excited. I have 2 teenage children, my daughter is 17. She's a senior. She's also a newbie mom of my 1st grandbaby who is now 7 months. Wow!! Time went fast LOL!! My son is 16. He's a junior. Then there's our dog Duke. Him and the grandbaby run our family LOL!! I'm taking online classes to get my Bachelor's Degree in Business Management. Hopefully, by 2023 I'll have that degree in my hand!! Just wanted to stop in and say hello to everyone. Have a blessed and safe day everyone!!

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Welcome to the forum! Stop by the New Mystery Shopper area for some basic information to get you started.
Welcome. You start by signing up with mystery shopping companies and checking their job boards.
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