New Mystery Shopper here!

Greetings and Salutations,

I am a new mystery shopper and I am here to learn more information about it from other newbies and those that are more experienced. I welcome all and any helpful advice to help a newbie like me succeed in this opportunity! Currently, I am working with Coyle Hospitality and BestMark.

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Check the top 15 MSC on this website for more companies. I have found that the Presto app, Jobslinger, and Gspot will give you the companies that work in the area you want. Rember most pay is 90 days except for IPSOS which is weekly
I’ve noticed most of the companies I shop for pay around mid month the month following when the shops are completed. For example, all the shops that I complete by the end of January will typically pay between the 15th and 20th of February.

As for advice, I suggest setting up the spreadsheet and keeping track of all your shops, their information, what the pay, bonus, or reimbursement is, etc. With how many companies I shop, this makes it easy for me to find all my information in one place and to keep track of which ones have paid and which ones haven’t. You’ll also want a separate one for your mileage which you’ll need this when you file taxes. Also set up some sort of spreadsheet or note for all your logins.
Thank you for the helpful information. I will definitely take your advice on creating a spreadsheet.
Get with intellishop, and Ipsos, and MarketForce but then keep trying new companies and find blogs because these aren’t the only companies.
Will do. How would you compare or contrast intellishop with Coyle Hospitality? (Even if it is from what you have heard and not from your own experience)
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