New Mystery Shopper looking for organization

What are ways you plan out all the shops you will can can do? It's important since sometimes they don't accept you, especially over weekends, do you have to do stuff in advance.


I use this website for example to create black and white roads of my local area. to mark off what I can do in the next day or so and plan from there.

I'm sure the vets here are either really planning oriented naturally all in their heads or do similar things.

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I follow the money. Wherever the largest bonus is I zero in on that location and if lucky, find other shops along the way.
I see what shops and fees are available in the region around me. When I see enough shops to justify a trip, I take them. Sometimes it's tricky when I have to request shops, knowing I may not get them but if I wait I may miss out on the others. Planning further out helps. If I end getting only some of the shops there is still time to find replacements.
I try to set it up so that I will get around $1.75 a mile if I have to go out of town. Around town, I shoot for $75 a day. Since I am on disability I cannot make over $800 a month until I reach 70 years old. So I only work 8 to 10 days a month.
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