Hey Everyone! Semi-New Shopper smiling smiley

I just started Shopping 2 and a half months ago. Man.....it was a rough start lol I had no clue what I was doing, kept missing due dates and flaking on shops. I had no idea I needed to stick to a due date and how important it was to do so! lol, I now work for a bunch of different companies, but one of the first ones I signed up with was ISS, and I get so bummed out about my shops with them because my score is so low from screwing so much stuff up in the beginning. I rarely get any shops available to me with them, and if I do I usually get declined. I did all the testing suggested to help my score out a little, but I don't know what to do now to get it any higher. I have plenty of other companies I still work for, but I liked that App and would like to get more jobs with them. Just don't know what to do about my crappy score.
Anyway, I didn't post to talk about that really, just wanted to come on here and say hello. I absolutely love doing these jobs so far. It's the perfect line of work for someone like me. The worst part is having to wait so long to get paid though. You seriously have to wait like 2/3 months before you start seeing decent paychecks coming in! That's really rough when most of your job is driving around all over the place with gas at $5 bucks a gallon SMH.
Anyway....I'm in Flordia myself....and would love to hear any tips or advice some experienced shoppers would want to give? I am all ears and will take anything I can get! lol, I really like doing this work as I said, and I want to be good at it....no great at it. So definitely send any pointers or anything you got that might help me out! loll I'd really appreciate it!!!

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@KristinBBKF Welcome to the world of mystery shopping! My tips: Use a calendar to write down your shops along with the company, pay, address and any other information. Also, find the one company that you like the most and always check their boards to find the shops you love best!
Happy shopping!
Welcome to the Forum! Where in Florida are you?

Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.
Try contacting the scheduler of one of the shops you want to do on ISS and explain what you just explained to us in your post.

Years ago once when I just started up, I did the same thing with a mystery shop company and the scheduler blocked me from the site but I emailed her and explained myself and she gave me another chance, and I made sure not to mess it up again.

I am in AR. My husband and I are going to FL in July for 2 weeks. We have a huge mystery shopping route going on within these states: AR, TN, MS, AL, GA, FL, LA. Staying in FL the most time. And we are super excited. Never been to FL.
Yeah, I had another company block me from using their app during my first week of doing this. I've tried reaching out to them to give me another chance but I never hear anything back. Oh well, there are plenty of other companies to work for. I will try doing that with ISS though. I like working for them and hate that my score has gotten so low. Hopefully, I can climb back up with them! lol
That's so cool about your big route! I had been assigned my first route this past week, but the client put it on hold so I never got to do it sad smiley Hopefully, I will get to do another one soon. It sucks being the grunt doing all the little jobs, in the beginning, lol I can't wait till I climb the ranks and can get the bigger better paying jobs. But I really like doing this work so I will put the work in to get there! Maybe one day you can visit Florida! I could never live anywhere else lol
Welcome @kristinbbkf! Due dates and no flakes are huge in the industry as you have found out (unfortunately, the hard way) but just take it one day at a time. I hope you have success explaining your situation - I overbooked myself quite often when I started out. I am old school, so I really like the advice given to you by @Shopper797 about writing your shops down. It helps me - when I write, I remember much better than when I enter shops into a digital calendar. Everyone is different though. There is no right or wrong way as long as you are hitting the dates, performing quality work, and raking in the dough! Happy shopping smiling smiley
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