I'm so glad I found this forum. I've done a few mystery shops in the past but was now offered one that supposedly pays $300 and I don't know if it's legit. I think I found it on Indeed, the email I received had this info as the closing: Lisa Garrison, Account Manager, © 2022 Auditor Service INC......the shops I've done in the past never paid anywhere near that much and I can't find any info on this company........Is this legit? The acct mgr (Lisa Garrison)has also been texting me a lot - pressuring me to send in my info. I think she probably gets paid per completed survey but I still don't see how they can pay out $300 for what she claims is a 10 minute store visit..........Please advise!

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Don't to it. Sounds like the scam where they send you a fake check to buy gift cards or whatever. They cash the cards, and the check bounces two weeks later.
Yeah, how much do you have to send them for you "kit" or to get paid the $300.

As stated above, sounds like a scam.

NEVER pay anyone to do a mystery shop. Purchases can be part of the shop. Sending someone the numbers from gift cards you are asked to purchase is a DEFINITE scam.

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