Help! Wal-Mart Merchandising shop

Dustygirl Wrote:
> I have done the Walmart merchandising ones. I
> liked doing it and the Dept. Manager was nice &
> helpful.The section I had to do was a mess and she
> was sorry it was in that condition. I had several
> shops that day to cover the travel. I guess it
> depends on just what kind of merchandising you are
> doing. I have seen some I don't think I would want
> to do.

Was it "As Seen on TV Bullpen Display?"

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marylo37 Wrote:
> It is hard to take a full view of the whole wall
> because they have racks and displays iin the
> aisle. The day I did the shop I took 39 pictures
> and they said I did not capture two pictures right
> Had to go back or check if I could find a better
> picture to submit. I went back and even talked to
> a supervisor she agreed no way can you get a whole
> wall in one picture They are not moving any
> displays or racks.I took around 20 more pictures
> see what I can come up with.

39 Photos??? Wow! I thought I wad doing well with 18? Ut oh.
I have had all the above problems with WH stores. I avoid doing them because they always are a problem. I will do them ONLY when they have a huge bonus and even then I do not enjoy it. My advice would be let all the WH go to thoes who do not know any better.

I work to fish
as walmart advertises rock bottom prices it is to be expected that their merchandising assignments are low pay and hard work

shopping north west PA and south west ny
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