Need help with merchandising...please

I have two merchandising jobs to do. This is my first. It involves:
1. Restock fixture
2. Plan-O-Gram change out
3. Full inventory of all xxx DVDs
I'm kinda anxious about it. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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OK, it seems pretty straight forward. Do you have to do a credit for the company, or is it just restock? How major is the planogram change?

I would suggest you make a couple of extra copies of the inventory sheet. It is amazing how many items are in the wrong place, and either you have clean sheets for your final counts or a bottle of witeout.
Here are 2 companies that I know that offer Merchandising. and I hope this hjelps.
I have done this kind of job for the purple portal (always heavily bonused!) I recommend using tally marks when doing your inventory count.

After setting the featured titles that are by themselves in a slot, most of the rest are "Any title" slots. I grab a handful, add a tick mark to the appropriate place on the inventory sheet and put them back. Just like dorseyp said, you would be surprised where things end up and you never know how many of a title you have until your are finished!
I work for Customer First from time to time and the two calls I made paid me $40. Not too bad!!!
The last reset I did, I took my laptop with me. I tried printing out the POG but it did not print out sufficiently well for me to easily read it. Having my laptop with me made things so much easier. An Ipad is on my wishlist.
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