Keystone Merchandising Solutions

I know the scheduler has been posting on this forum but I would like to hear an unbiased view of this company and their jobs. Has anyone worked for them yet?

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My spam filters blocked the hell out of her response mail after I signed up on the site. She wanted me to register and commit to accepting a newsletter. Thanks, but I don't need more spam.

I'd be interested if she really sets up for merchandising in the big box stores listed on her site, but.. they're all listed as nebulous "future" gigs.

I thought I might play the guinea pig and try her company out, but something has the hairs on the back of my neck standing up.
*shifts eyes left and right* Paranoia? mayyyyybe.
I have been working for this company since May. They pay every two weeks and I have never had an issue with them. PM me if you have questions. I can assure you they are legit. Wish they did more in my area.

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I just signed up this past week. If the schedule reads this forum........please email me I'd love to work for you. :-)

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Any help is appreciated. smiling smiley
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