Retail Integrity---Anyone contract with them?

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I did some work for them 2 years ago. I liked the work, was paid quickly, and they did not nit-pick. My problem was there were several established merchandisers, and I only got assignments if they were not available. They had some long term WM assignments available that would work great if you had other WM business to do. Pay was fair, too.
I like Retail Integrity. The assignments usually only pay $12, but many times all that is required is a picture or two. The reports are simple and straight forward and the are easy to communicate with if there are problems. The pay twice monthly. The pay schedule is available for download on the website.
I have found their assignments to be a mixed bag. Some are quick and easy while others don't feel worth the money.

Please be aware that this is a merchandising company not mystery shopping.

The website is actually
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