What is "Merchandising"

Exactly what is it and what does it entail? One company offered that option, and I've read some of the posts but still don't really know what is required.
I have three bulging discs in my neck/back and cannot do much bending or lifting. I don't want to sign up for something I won't be able to complete.
Thanks for any insight.

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I've only done a few merchandising jobs but they're really not my cup of tea. In my experience, they involve setting up displays and sometimes involve heavy lifting of product from the back of the store. The jobs I've done have also involved quite a bit of bending.
I have been a merchandiser for over 10 years so let me take a stab at thissmiling smiley

There are essentially three different types of merchandising jobs

1) Reset work - mostly heavy work involving moving shelves and resetting product to the new layout, including retagging.
*This can be physically taxing at times.
2) Coverage work - this would include regularly scheduled visits to either one store or a series of stores and can include things like checking to see if an item is in stock, stocking shelves (assigned brands only), verfying if displays are up and/or setting displays, education on new products
*in this role you are the eyes and ears of the brands that contract with your employer, not as physical in most cases
3) Project work - this is mostly one time visit work, which can include assignments such as putting up graphics, placing coupons on product, setting up a display

I do a little of all three. In fact today I had a major reset and before I left the store I finished up some project work from another company so I would not have to go back later.

Keep in mind that many companies put in their job description that you have to lift up to 50lbs.
I'm new at mystery shopping. I have been interested in merchandising. I'm just not sure which company to sign up with. I am already signed up with Bestmark and so far just car dealerships are all they have. Market force is very good to work for. Troy Dolan but I have yet to see a job for them.
It can also include things like covert pricing audits (competitor intelligence gathering). SPAR has given me at least two such projects so far.
When you see someone working on (in?) a store shelf and said person is not an employee, that is a merchandiser.

When someone is moving things around on the shelf so you won't be able to find your products any more, and that person is not a store employee, said person is a merchandiser.

Funny story. I was sitting on the floor removing price tags, getting ready to put a price strip in. The manager came up to me, laughing very hard. She said a customer went up to her and reported a woman removing price tags. I asked her if she stood up for me, and she said no (!). There is no telling what that customer thinks. Obviously, the story was funny only to the manager.
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