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Agreed. Too many calls from Manila asking me to spend all day in a movie or blowing up balloons. Finally canceled my account, but still shop on their other side for excellent and mediocre burgers
WOW! That's interesting. I have done three shops for Market Force and they did not want to pay me because I followed there directions,, which were wrong. In the end I did get paid but I had to fight tooth and nail for it. I cancelled my account with them. After reading some of the comments in this forum Ii was almost ready to sign up with them again thinking I didn't give them a fair shake. But, after reading your comments here, I think I'll stick with my first idea.
I've done exactly one assignment for the purple side in the 3 years I've been doing this. It turned out alright. Most of the time to me the instructions seem confusing and incomplete. Recently they offered a large bonus for theater assignment which I accepted. I was never advised that I had the assignment even after repeated e-mails. I just gave up and nothing further was said, it's like the assignment just disappeared into thin air.
For anyone that has done it, for the theater assignments do you at least get to watch the movies?
Most theater assignments do not have you watching the movie, but there are a few where you can.
For a blind check I could have watched the same movie 5 times in one day. This last one was the movie "The Call." I watched it twice. Other assignment I have had for blind checks, I did not watch the movie once because of too much violence. Guy, war, shoot kill everything movie.
I did one to check the ads at the beginning before they started the movie but I paid to stay and watch the movie.

Never did the other type because either timing was wrong or I didn't understand clearly about what was required - did I have to stay all day and do blind checks or something?
Thanks for the replies.

Galct -- so, if you're doing the blind check for the ads before the movie, you could stay if you'd like? (I know a few of the assignments have you checking multiple screens, I'm just curious if you can at least get the opportunity to catch a movie as part of the assignment).
I do a lot of Blue Portal shops. Only nearby or on a route, since they pay so little. I have always gotten paid on time and never had any issues with them. I had heard the negative stories about the Purple Portal, but decided to try them for myself. 2 Sony restocks, taking well over and hour each. Three balloon blow ups. well over an hour each. I never got paid for any of them.......BEWARE OF THE PURPLE PORTAL.

Did they just not pay you or did they claim some breech? I am asking because I have 10 outstanding assignments with them that are just
getting to the 60 range and that is when they state they will pay. Thanks.

New shopper February 2013
Central and Southern Tier of New York
Yes, there is more to NY than NY City.
Any help is appreciated. smiling smiley
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