Attention Canada Shoppers!

NO PURCHASE SHOP! Who wants to go ring shopping?

We have a fun shop where you go and inquire about $1000 or greater valued ring. The shop pays $25 per shop – and is VERY EASY! The form is mostly yes/no with some short narrative.

Email me at; sign up at

Available shops:
Red Deer (2)
Prince George

Denise Patocka
Independent Scheduler

Denise Patocka
IC Scheduler

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I like the ones where jobs are listed in Edmonton, AB and also some are in Edmunton, AB. On the same list.
Hey there,

I have a LOT of shops open. You can do a route!

Denise Patocka
IC Scheduler
You will have greater success if post on the Job Board. This is the merchandising section and mystery shoppers will not look here for jobs.

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Thank you everyone. My apologies. It is a MS, not merchandising - I'm not sure how I posted in this area. My error. And for the spelling corrections.

Denise Patocka
IC Scheduler
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