MarketForce Sold

Dear SPAR Merchandiser:

I am very pleased to announce that Spar Group, Inc. (“SPAR”) has acquired Market Force - Merchandising and Audit Divisions.

Market Force provides Audit and Merchandising services to a diverse and extensive range of clients which will compliment SPAR’s existing customer base and services. This is an exciting acquisition for SPAR and one that will strengthen our position in the United States and worldwide. We are excited that this new partnership will open additional Merchandising and now Audit opportunities for those currently working with SPAR Marketing Services, Inc., as the SPAR business, client base and service offerings continue to grow across all classes of trade.

Thank you all for the work you are doing on behalf of SPAR’s clients, and we look forward to continuing to expand those opportunities.

“He drew a circle that shut me out-
Heretic , rebel, a thing to flout.
But love and I had the wit to win:
We drew a circle and took him In !

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MarketForce is sleazy. MarketForce begrudges anyone that is dropped matter what........And Spar is just a shady...............................................................................................
This morning, email from Marketforce/ CFA Help:
Dear ,

As you are probably aware, The SPAR Group has acquired the assets of the Market Force Merchandising and Audit Division. All Merchandising and Audit assignments will be moved to the SPAR platform in April, but all assignments currently on the Certified Field Associate (CFA) portal ( can be accepted, completed, and reported.

It is important to know that ALL THEATRE ASSIGNMENTS WILL CONTINUE TO BE AVAILABLE ON THE CFA PORTAL. You remain an independent contractor for Market Force Information, and may continue to log into the CFA portal for current assignments. After the Merchandising and Auditing assignments move to the SPAR contractor platform, Market Force will continue to offer a wide range of theatre assignments through this portal, and your CFA login information will not change.

We thank you for your continued use of the CFA portal.


I was banned from the other side on my second assignment, cause I mixed up the pictures for 2 gas stations way back when. I guess I won't get email for that. Haven't worked for these either in ages smiling smiley
No such thing as ' Marketforce, CFA help ' Anyone that was kicked off Marketforce before, the grudge is forever no matter what. Marketforce should simply go out of business.
Does this mean that SPAR will deduct the 3% worker's comp requirement from the already paltry pay that Market Force offers?
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