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Anyone have experience with them?

I decided to go with them to do a local merch assignment nearby, which started the paperwork process of coming on board with them. They want me to pay a notary to complete my I9 form and I'm reluctant to spend any money to get hired by a company.

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Am I misreading the I9 instructions? Where does it say it has to be notarized? All of the information available through google (ok, some stuff online is garbage, but these were multiple sites and reputable) says it does NOT have to be notarized. Of course, SASR doesnt HAVE to hire you if you choose not to have it notarized, but I'd be leery of any company that could not or would not explain why they require something on any government form. And just for background, I am a retired federal employee that dealt with government forms and requirements for over a quarter century,

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Most I-9's have to be notarized because you are not face to face with a rep from the company. The notary is verifying on behalf of the company that you are who you say you are. Most I-9's come with notary instructions.

I am in a rural area so it is common for us to never meet anyone from the company that we are hired for.

edited to add: Every single merchandising company that I have applied to and have been hired on by in the last 4 years has required a notarized I-9 form. I am in a rural area so I work for multiple companies.

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Thank you for clarification, I will have to Google more. Still doesn't seem to be a government mandate as you are affirming under penalty of perjury. For example, I sign my tax return affirming the accuracy, no notary required. I'm thinking the company does it as a CYA. I wouldn't do it, but I guess they wouldn't hire me then.

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There is a new form available.. On the second page that you fill out with your List A, B, or C....there is a certification. I have done two of these within the last week. What is required is someone to fill out the certification that does not live in your household and is over 18 years of age without being notarized or you can go a notary, get them to fill it out, and have it notarized. Most banks have a notary. Some companies may not be aware that the procedures have changed and a notary is not necessary....only the certification.

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