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I got a call last week for a shop with Marketforce to do a gas station install of a jerky display. They mailed me a box UPS and gave me address and phone number.

I went to the shop on there deadline and the gas station didnt exist at the address they gave me. Accross the street was a gas station of the same name. I called and sure enough the number matched that gas station, but the address was differnet.

I went inside and they already had a jerkey display just like the install I was supposed to do.

I called the number provided on my sheet multiple times and left multiple messages on Friday asking for a call back. I updated status on the webpage asking for a call back.

I finally got frustrated and decided to close the shop reporting that the store did not exist at that location. It did not have any spots to add details so I just attached some pictures of the spot that they sent me to and the store that already existed.

Its now a few days later and I still have not heard back. I have a giant box of beef jerky in the car that I have no idea what to do with. And I have no idea if I will be paid for this install? The only reason I took it was for the price they offered as it was pretty far away.

Anyone have any experience with this? I know they were just taken over by SPAR and the lady identified as Marketforce/SPAR research, but the phone lines dont seem to work or be valid anymore.

Trying to figure out what the heck to do with the box and if I will get paid! Guess I just have to wait it out?

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Might be you will be paid in jerky. J/k of course, yes it seems like the switch from MF to SPAR is not going smoothly.

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Any help is appreciated. smiling smiley
As an update they finally called me back saying that I was calling the old marketforce number (Only number mentioned on any of the webpages or documentation).

He said the transition had a few kinks. He pulled my file and said "Yep, you are all good, I see it being completled and you dont have to worry about anything".

He didn't tell me to send the box of jerkey back or anything.

I guess I will just hold on to it for a while and see what happens. See if i get my 30 dollar check as well!
First thing first, I had the same problem, that is not a box of jerky but rather a display to put jerky in. Inside the box should be a prepaid fedex label to send it back. I went to the gas station that had one, so I submitted the report as though i completed it (by direction of marketforce) and I sent it back. I got my check in the mail last week. Hope this helps
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