Market Force Web only assignments

I have only received 1 shop from MF this month. When I called to see what the problem was they informed me that I have a "Web only" restriction on my account. I emailed the helpdesk to find out why but they have not contacted me back yet. Has anyone ever heard of this? Can you tell me why it happened?


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How true this is I DON'T know. But I was talking with a MF rep a few days ago. A couple of shops that belonged to my husband I was trying to get switched over to my name because I was going to be in that area anyway. She told me that I was "web restricted." She made it sound like a GREAT thing. Since I had such a FABULOUS record with them, they like to see GREAT shoppers like me self assign. So, while she could easily cancel my husbands shops and put a note in so that it wouldn't be held against him, she could not assign them to me. I had to do that myself. But she did stay on the phone while I did it to make sure they were back on the board, and I got the same amount he had agreed to.


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I haven't been signing up for shops on line in a while. I usually get all of my shops through email or phone calls. I will definitely go online today and sign up for some. I did some shops for other companies but I only did 1 for MF this month.

Thanks for your help,
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