m3 merchandising....

I just got a "reach out" to do work for them....anybody have any input? do they pay? fair wages?

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They were formed January of 2009, looks like mostly east coast work. They do have a very nice site, and no complaints on any of the boards I checked. Looks like it is a company that does lots of different areas of merchandising, POP, blitz, cut ins, resets.... If they had work in WI. I would apply. You can always say no later if it doesn't seem right to you. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Keep us posted if you do end up working for them.

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My wife got called at home in may for a refrigerator job. She said yes and she was sent some gloves and ice scraper. Then silence. I sent them an email today asking if the project was still alive. They said they did not have the birth date. I sent them the email my wife sent on June 1st with that info. They called and they asked me to verify her SSN. They said they had the wrong one and the will set start date.
Now, I work at the Wal-mart where this freezer to be filled is supposed to be (I even work that department). I know the small freezer to refill does not exist.

I am glad you said it is a legit company, because it was kinda starting to smell fishy!
I had the same thing happen with a card company. (Extremely expensive hand made cards). I loved their cards and was tickled to get the position, filled out tons of paperwork, got locations, waited for contact by trainer... waited....waited.... finally gave up.
Have you called the phone number on their web site? It is right on the first page. I never give out sensitive information when someone calls me out of the blue. I ask their name and tell them I will call them back in a few minutes- I just got out of the shower, need to answer the door, my hair is on fire, the swat team is outside , any excuse to not give them the info then. I then look up the company on line or white pages and call and ask for that person. I don't have caller ID, but if they give me a call back number I will reverse look up them. I have noticed there is several of the MS site which are listing scams which are using their names. Kind of scary. Hope you get some closure on this, it is always a PITB waiting.
I have a caller ID. Anyway she did not ask for the SSN out of the blue. She asked me to have my wife call her, I voluteered to check it in that moment. Yet it's still upsetting that it takes longer than 2 months to set a merchandising job.
Yeah I got contacted for one of their freezer jobs too,but before that they sent me a bunch of stores for my area. It's really difficult to get in contact with them which makes me hesitant...
Started working for them a couple of weeks ago. Has gone pretty well so far. Biggest issue I had was understanding the heavy Boston accent!
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