Has anyone else had problems with Marketforce?

I did a merchandising assignment for Marketforce back in April and still haven't received payment from them yet! Has anyone else had problems with them not paying promptly? I figured as big of a company as they are, they would have had that under control.

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I have heard nightmare stories about their merchandising side, so I haven't been brave enough to try. There are lots of threads on here about payment issues with them- with tips on how to get your money!
I have emailed them twice about a job I completed back in April. They have ignored my correspondence.
I have had some issues with MF on the mystery shopping side (late payments, no payments) recently. I wonder if they are having fin. difficulty.
I haven't had any problems. Have you tried calling them? Although marketforce sold thier merchandising division around that time you may have got lost in the system. If you have all the proof of the shop then I would try calling them.
I did a couple of mechandising assignments for them last year and had no problems whatsoever, one had a verylarge bonus as well. But on the merch side all I'm seeing anymore are theatre checks!
No problems here but I have yet to try merchandising jobs. How are they? Please tell me it's worth it.
Actually Market Force sold off their merchandising projects to SPAR.

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LisaSTL Wrote:
> Actually Market Force sold off their merchandising
> projects to SPAR.

Well that would explain it!
I knew SPAR recently acquired them, but that shouldn't mean that no one is available to respond to emails. I haven't seen a phone number to call them, either. They don't usually pay spectacularly, but their jobs are okay. Plus, merchandising assignments are nice because they don't require much memory power, which can be a relaxing break.

I guess I could try contacting my SPAR scheduler. Maybe she can help me locate someone who can help me.
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