Help: Labeling Pictures for Castforce

Can someone help or offer their method for adding the store number and other required information to the pictures required for Castforce projects? The only way I can think of doing this is through Paint and that seems very tedious.

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Hi there...

Isolate all your pictures (cut n paste) into a single file folder.

Highlight all the photos, right click, and it will give you the opportunity to rename the entire file of pictures. You can add the job #, location, date, or whatever you need... and when you enter, the pictures will be labeled as you want and will be numbered sequentially.
I don't worry about naming the pics for CastForce, as you must have a sign in the photo being submitted with store number ande pic code. Without those visible in the photo you run the risk of not being paid.
I'm referring to having an image in the picture with the store number, etc., in it like Castforce requires. I have since found out that they prefer it handwritten on paper and photographed in the picture. I guess their example pictures just looked computerized to me, but I was wrong.
I just use a Sharpie and an index card...I keep a pack of cards in my kit for just such a use.
OK, I thought about something else in answering the question, but what I do is hand write all the signs for the photos ahead of time for all the stores in the project. You can prepare everything except the pic code in advance since the pic code isn't released until about 24 hours before the project starts. You would have all the store numbers known as soon as they are given to you.
I take a piece of printer paper and fold it in half. I write the store number/pic code and I squeeze it inside a peg so that quality control can easily see it. Then for the next sore, I flip it over and put the info on the back side. Sometimes I have then turned it over again, but it starts to get a little difficult to read. If I am getting POP sent to my house, I use the sharpie and write the info on one of the sides of the boxes.
I did my first assignment with Castforce I wrote the store # and the pic code on an index card but in some of my pictures due to the lighting in the area where the stand would be it was hard to see it. So I went into paint shop and added beside the picture the information. Would that ok to do? Because I want to make sure I get paid!
I've noticed that if you open up the pic and click to enlarge it, you can see the numbers. They have Quality Control that does that. IMHO putting in a number at home does not verify that you were taking the pic at the store with the number and pic code. It really works for me to just carry in an 8 x 11 and fold it in half and write it there, or on the box if you are carrying one in to the store.
Weatherman...if you are going to reply to each post individually, it would increase readability to have part of the post quoted in your reply. Otherwise, I'm getting dizzy scrolling up and down the page to try to match up the responses!
I use my Ipad and the Pages App. I put my Ipad on the display and snap the picture with my phone. The sharpie & Index card idea seems good too!
You are lucky it is only a store number on a card to take a picture of. I had a program where the store associate had to hold the handout I brought with me next to the product line, and, I have to take a picture of that little tableau. I am sooo popular in electronics at Target now.
Castforce gives you the picture number on the instructions. The store number is on the invoice. I use a black magic marker and a piece of cardboard to write the info on. Double sided tape will do the job of holding it in place for the photo.

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