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When I got home today, I had some very large boxes sitting on my back porch in the snow. They are from a company I work for, for a chain I do lots of work for. The problem is, I have no clue as to which stores this is for, or when this is to be used! There isn't enough for all my stores, so I don't know which are getting this or if even more is coming! I usually prefer when they send POP/display materials to the house, but, come on, right before Christmas and I have no clue when I can get rid of this. I can't dump the boxes as the materials are pretty flimsy, so I need to protect them. Too big to lug into the basement easily. I wish they would have sent me a clue. My DM is maintaining radio silence. He's not quick on the reply in the best of times, so I guess I may as well wrap them like presents. Anyone else getting unwelcome surprises right before Christmas?

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I feel your pain, it seems to happen every year. Large boxes right before the holidays because of the holiday shipping delays the companies want to make sure to get them in time.
What I deal with all the time too are shipments with the brand name on them shipped to me and I have no idea which company the work is for because the project has not been assigned yet.
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