Newbie Walmart Question

I am brand new to merchandising. I just took an assignment to set up an end cap at Walmart with bottles of cocktail mixers. Do I need to bring my own stepladder to reach the top shelf, or will that be available there?

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I use a step stool tool box. Keeps your tools and supplies together, and you can stand on or sit on it. Easy to put in the car and take out and pop into a shopping cart. You can one pick up online or at lots of retailers. Just Google it and pick the one you like. You should put your name on everything you take into a store with either a permanent magic marker or etch it on. If you are going really high for some reason, the store should have a rolling staircase available.
You will find a stepladder in the back room or at the endcaps of certain departments inside the store (Baby Dept, Hardware or Automotive will usually have them).
I regularly do Walmart merchandising. I prefer to bring my own short ladder (two steps). They're less than $20. I also bring my goodie bag with a pair of pliers, screwdriver, scissors/aviation snips, dusting cloth, goo-gone, tape. My goodie bag is funded by the "you will be reimbursed up to $3" or something of the like.

You can get a lot of the supplies at Walmart, but the hassle, if you're on a tight schedule, is so time-consuming.

Don't forget to sign in and put on a vendor tag ( or bring your own if you have been assigned one) or the asset protection folks will be staring at you keenly on camera and some may have a few choice words to share.

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