I came across a mystery shopping company that uses this service to pay shoppers. They ask for very personal information of you including bank statements, passport and drivers licence for photos and information. I went on the chat feature of their website and asked why they need all this info when my paypal account never asked me for all this stuff. I was told that the information was needed because that's what the US government requires. I don't feel comfortable giving out this information to them. Anyone heard of this company? experience with this company?

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I completed some work last month and will be paid via PayQuicker. Apparently I will receive an invitation to sign up when my funds are available. I am waiting to find out more...
I think I know what company your referring two. I just completed two shops for them myself but I have not yet signed up for pay quicker for the exact reasons you mentioned..I guess I'm going to have to though. Bummer I'm so used to paypal by now. I'd rather pay a small fee to have them cut me a check then all that.

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I have used PayQuicker several times and it is as easy as Paypal. I don't recall sending a passport or bank account information to them.
A passport can be used to fill out an I-9 which is required by the government or you can use two other form of ID such as a State Drivers License and Social Security Card. Ask them if it is for the I-9

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Ace is the only company I've come across so far who uses PayQuicker. I finished my first shop with them two weeks ago and I should get an invitation to sign up around Feb. 15th. We'll see.

It seemed a bit shady that the Ace website referred shoppers to the PayQuicker You Tube video for more information.
I got my invitation to pay quicker today from Ace. I have to say I'm not thrilled about having to show them my ID so for now I haven't signed up for it. I will say the payment came through quicker then I expected, but I wish they'd just use Paypal or direct deposit and save me having to do all that.

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I signed up with payquicker. I gave them my a/c number and routing number and they now want ID.

I am not comfortable with this at all, but if I don't send them my driver's license, then I guess I won't get my money.

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I did a job with a company that used Payquicker, waited for it to come in, set up the account, and transferred it to my own bank account. Somehow it went into the wrong account at my bank. It may well have been my fault, but the point is, when I put in my bank account info, nothing came up telling me the name didn't match the account number, or anything else. By the time the mistake was discovered, the person whose account it went into had already spent it! It took 2 1/2 months of back and forth with both sides saying "the other side has to do this" junk til it was finally resolved. I'm not taking any chances now, the company I did job for has an option for Paypal too, so I switched, they said it takes 2-3 days longer, but better than 5-6 weeks longer.
Well..I gave them my driver's license. They emailed me saying all is good now and the money is being transferred to my bank account. (the one I set up for stuff like this)

We'll see how long it'll take now.

I'm still bitchy though... winking smiley
I got the wrong routing number for my credit union and when the wire got sent back, got charged $5. Not very happy with having to use Payquicker. I like ACE, but frankly going to have to seriously consider whether having to use Payquicker is worth it.
Sorry to hear the problems are continuing. I liked working for ACE a lot, but I stopped when they went to payment by PayQuicker with no alternative form of payment. I keep thinking if I stop hearing problems - or if they get an alternative payment choice - I'll start picking up their jobs again - but no alternate payment and I'm still not comfortable with PayQuicker.
I have used PayQuicker with Ace since they started using it. Not many times, but at least a few. Zero problems, zero identity theft issues, anything like that.
I did the same thing as AustinMom. I stopped working for ACE once they switched to PayQuicker. I am not turning over a ton of my personal information to them just to be paid for jobs rendered.

I did not attend their actual workshop at the ATL conference but I heard all hell broke loose during their "speech" and I believe the organizers cut their time slot short due to the ruckus.

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I set up Payquicker for another MSC. Have had no issues, payments show up promptly and transfer to my bank account in the same time frame as Paypal.

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I got my payment one day after I submitted my driver's license...

I'm awaiting another payment soon. smiling smiley

I'm not crazy about them having my ID though. So far, no problems though.
I've been paid with PayQuicker and have never had a problem. It's very similar to PayPal.
The great thing about PayQuicker for me is that it also doubles as an account for direct deposit. It has a checking and routing number you can have unlocked by speaking with customer service. I have all of my direct deposit shops set up that way.
I haven't done any jobs for them because there is no alternative method of payment. I already have my money going to 3 different places (PayPal, my own bank and the mail) I don't need another account to tend to.

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You can have the money transferred over to paypal, but it costs like $1. I'm not sure how much it is to send it to your bank. I don't really super mind the $1, though, because typically I get great pay whenever I do a job that uses PayQuicker.
Kathee, Kathee, Kathee, it's simple. You request payquicker to deposit the funds into your bank account. No fuss, no muss, no "another account to tend to". (With all of you Kathy's to keep track of, I think you're my fave, (not entirely positive, but think so) so trust me on this one.


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Thanks..... (dancing in my seat because I'm someone's favorite, errrrrrr, they think)

I don't care,

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I don't want to diminish the honor, but I meant "among all of the Kathys", which, since there's gotta be a gazillion or two, is quite an achievement!

I intend to live forever. So far, so good.
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