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Discussions About Payment

Paypal limited permanently my account and one mystery shop company owes me and don't want to pay me. They delete my shopper account also.

Im working with one mystery shop company that pays me to my paypal. Yesterday paypal limited permanently my paypal account and I wrotte and talked to this MS company to ask them to pay me by sending me the check to my account or depositing me to my bank account.... Continue Reading

How frequently does ACL pay a bonus for shops in metropolitan areas?

I've never seen an ACL shop posted with a bonus. Does it happen? Perhaps just in small towns without many shoppers? If they do pay bonuses, do they just throw the shopper a small bone, a pittance? Are the bonuses offered via the phone or... Continue Reading


This is based on the long thread showing lack of payment by Inside Evaluators for almost SIX MONTHS: The thread is four pages long now - In the interest of warning other shoppers, I thought a new thread detailing late payments would be appropriate. [quote=rboggs127] Why don't we copy and paste... Continue Reading

Market Force Payment

Now that Market Force has updated their website, I am unable to find my payment history. Is it gone for good now?... Continue Reading

NetSpend card buy + an hour on the phone to activate is not worth the $13 pay

The interminable phone call is what sunk it for me.... Continue Reading


I just heard Payless shoes is going bankrupt and closing 400 stores. Sign of the tme with retail, online shopping is most of the cause.... Continue Reading Sentry Marketing pays this way, but they charged me $2

I received a notice from that Sentry Marketing pays through them, so I had to sign up. I just got paid for a shop and they deducted $2 from my pay! According to what I read on the site, the company that's paying you pays a membership... Continue Reading

Unhappy with Amount of Survey Work w/ ACL + Assignent Tasks for Pay

I'm making less than $25 for an assignment that requires a recorded phone call, tons of things to keep track of for visit inspection, an on-site tour with pictures taken and lots to remember, and super long report (including play back of phone call to get tons of details). ... Continue Reading

Did anyone get their IPSOS payment today?

I always worry when an MSC that pays like clockwork suddenly doesn't pay on time. First, for the obvious reason, and second I want to know if something went wrong with my PayPal/bank account so I can jump on it immediately.... Continue Reading

Does Bestmark only pay by paper check?

Am I missing the option to elect direct deposit for Bestmark payments?... Continue Reading

Casual dining shop in KS with a $15 fixed reimbursement and $10 pay through March

Hi I am looking for people in your area to help with monthly Lunch or Dinner shops at a local BBQ restaurant. The maximum reimbursement is fixed at $15 for lunch or dinner, plus a $10 Bonus for March. Shops can be done with 1 or 2 adults, and no... Continue Reading

Maritz payment

I've never had any trouble getting paid by Maritz and always in a very timely manner. In fact, I was thinking they paid every two weeks. I did a bunch of shops on March 1st but haven't been paid yet. I definitely sent an invoice. Has anyone been paid recently?... Continue Reading

Any companies that pay within a day or two like Field Agent?

I really like Field Agent and Gigwalk because of that. Can't find information on any other companies that do that, any help?... Continue Reading

Any companies that pay within a day or 2?

I use Field Agent as much as I can because they pay within a day or two, same with Gigwalk. Any other companies like that? I can't find any thing else.... Continue Reading


Has anyone received payment yet from NSS for assignments completed in January?... Continue Reading

RBG - Did you receive payment via Paypal today?

Has anyone received a payment via Paypal today for which they have no idea what it is for? I did. I've only done one shop for RBG in 2017 and it was paid a few days ago. The subject line states "Feb 2017 PayPalMassPay." Or,... Continue Reading

Have asked for travel pay and higher fees with no response...

I've attempted to ask for higher shop fees and travel pay for two ms companies, but haven't gotten a response back in a while. Has this ever happened to anyone and do you ever attempt a second email? Or, is it best to just assume their lack of... Continue Reading

IPSOS Missing Payment

Hi All, is there anyone else I can contact besides the scheduler regarding missing payments?... Continue Reading

$125+ Bank Investment Assignments - Omaha, Fargo and Paynesville

Sales Quality Group (SQG) has $125+ bank investment assignments available in the following areas. You must be at least 35 years of age and an experienced evaluator or have some experience in the banking industry for these assignments. You will visit a local bank to sit down with a representative... Continue Reading

What is the usual pay for Merle Norman shops?

I did a Merle Norman shop and forgot to write down the pay. I can't find a record of the exact amount on this MSC's website since I've submitted the receipts but haven't yet been paid. Is this information somewhere on my acct on the website, and I'm... Continue Reading

Which MSCs pay quickly by direct deposit?

I signed up for a bank account checking account in order to be eligible for a new customer bonus. The stipulation is that I need at least one direct deposit. Which MSCs pay relatively quickly and by direct deposit?... Continue Reading

What should the final pay for this job be?

I got an email for two gas stations. It stated that they would add a $5 bonus to the $25 pay. It also reimburses $2 for a required purchase. I replied with the following email: (Is the bonus $5 for each location in addition to the $25 listed? Would you be able to... Continue Reading

Bank shop portray small business owner looking to pay $75k equipment

I signed up to do a shop at a national bank. I am to portray a small business owner who owned business for at least 3 years and income or revenue is 300k per year. So far so good. I am interested in lending because I want to invest $75k... Continue Reading

Anonymous Insights paypal issue

I received a payment from A.I. but paypal has it as a pending transaction since 2/15, and a fee was added onto the money owed me. Not sure whats going on. Anyone else experience this ? thank you... Continue Reading

United against low paying shops

I've read numerous posts in this forum. It is a great exchange platform for diverse ideas and opinions. It could be a great vehicle for change within the industry as well. Mystery shoppers are uniquely trapped in a field that works against each individual because of its inherent secrecy. As... Continue Reading

Why I chose to stick with a company after two pay decreases,,,for now.

We have all seen the discussions about the company who dropped a decent payment amount twice within the last year. At first I was upset, and voiced my concerns with the scheduler. While I am not really comfortable with the payment for the amount of work, I thought I would... Continue Reading

Payment Bounced from NSS (UPDATE--they are responding)

I just checked my bank account and the check i deposited from NSS for December shops was returned! Has this happened to anyone else? I have also tried logging into NSS and have not been able to. I sent an email to Payroll. I plan to call in a... Continue Reading

Accepting shops for low pay

I know this is been discussed many times, But I just can't believe I just saw a motorcycle shop for $25 email to me. I just did that shop a couple weeks ago and got paid $50. If shoppers would work together we would be getting bonuses all... Continue Reading


How long does it take to get paid from IPSOS? I know they pay via Paypal.... Continue Reading

How do you guys sanely keep track of all your receipts, payments, proofs of visits, etc.?

I've only been ms-ing for four months and my entire dining room table and living room coffee table and floor are littered with receipts, proofs of visits, and other stuff I got from mystery shopping. On top of that, each shop gets paid at different times in the form... Continue Reading

Maritiz Pay

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Anyone have payment pending with Intelli?

I randomly got paid on Jan. 10, and then I did 2 shops last month and both of them are showing "Payment Pending" as of last Thursday. Anyone else have this? It would be nice to get early payment!... Continue Reading

Shoppers' View now pays twice a month!

Hello all! I just thought I would give everyone a heads up: Shoppers' View is happy to announce that we are now issuing payments twice a month! Shoppers are paid via PayPal. Shops submitted between the 1st and 15th 11:59pm EST will be paid around the last day of the month.... Continue Reading

Cirrus Marketing any one work with them. They have a 90 day pay schedule.

My friend had to call a stamp her feet to get paid the 50.00 she was owed. I'm not expecting to be paid until the end of March, so I am wondering does anyone else have a problem with them, or was it an honest mistake. Once she... Continue Reading

Advice Please - Non Payment

Hello All. I completed a shop at the end of November. I received a very good evaluation and I received the shopper fee payment for the shop. The charge for this shop should have been reversed on my credit card. I contacted the company that contracted me for this job on... Continue Reading

Travel Pay

I am a fairly new shopper, from a smaller town, and have been contacted by a MSC to do a shop in a neighboring town, approximately 35 minutes away. I recently signed up with this company and would like to do more for them. The shop pays an... Continue Reading


Mystery shoppers BEWARE. Paypal has made it impossible to get your money for shops unless you have a credit card or give them your bank information. I have nither one. I have money in my Paypal account from shops that they will not let me get out because of this.I... Continue Reading

When a company would not pay you...

Hello Fellow Shoppers I am grappling with this and I do not know how to proceed. I was recently engaged to perform a video mystery shop at an apartment complex. I completed the assignment and delivered the report and now I hear that they rejected my report, and I will not be... Continue Reading

17 digit payment!!!

"Payment: $ 18.900000000000002" Unfortunately they're on the wrong side of the decimal...... Continue Reading

Confero Payment - should I have it by now?

I have several shops that have been marked "paid" for 1/25, but I still have no payment in my payment account. Is this normal for Confero or should I have my payment already?... Continue Reading

What "late" payments are you still waiting on?

I have one each from November with About Face and Strategic Evaluations that I'm still waiting on. And I just found a couple of months on my spreadsheet that I never updated the income after the currency exchange. I'm off to bed though, because I'm not dealing with that headache right... Continue Reading

Dieppe and Mount Pearl NB Easy Price inquiry only in person last day pays $75

If you are not currently registered with SeeLevel then please go to: and register. Then please email me at to find out immediately about this assignment. It's truly an easy shop we're just at the last day and need someone who can go immediately.... Continue Reading

Credit Card Payment Shop

I signed up for a credit card shop. In the description, it stated I would have to make an online payment on the due date and complete a report on the experience. I applied for the job, and was assigned today. Reading the instructions, I learned that I would be... Continue Reading

SeeLevel Missing Payment--Resolved

My log shows that my December payment was sent to PayPal on 1/16/17. It has not posted to PayPal, and all attempts to email SeeLevel have gone unanswered. I have tried my scheduler, the support email, and the contact form on their website. Any other suggestions? Any one else have... Continue Reading


-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Western Union to Pay $586 Million Fine for Aiding Wire Fraud

Wow this is big news! Wire fraud has been such a huge issue in the mystery shopping world. It is fantastic to see such a huge action being taken. Hopefully this will mean some victims will get their money back. Continue Reading

Question regarding an MSC requiring a W9 for shop payment

I am currently scheduled for a shop with an MSC who schedules through This MSC has a new twist for me on being paid for mystery shopping - they require a W9 for each and every shop you complete for them. I find the form very intimidating... Continue Reading

High paying LIFE financial freedom shop...

So an MSC has a job on the board that pays $120. You have to sit through a LIFE Financial Freedom seminar and write about it. Has anyone seen or done one of these? I did a little research and watched a couple videos. It sure appears... Continue Reading

Companies that take long to pay

What is the longest you waited to get paid?... Continue Reading

SeeLevel NON PAYMENT for Sept 2016 shop

Anyone have a good contact for Seelevel? I have left messages via Shopper Log, voicemail, email and Facebook. Nothing. I can't even get a live person on the phone. EVERY extension Ive tried in the Shopper Portal via phone is conveniently not available. When I... Continue Reading

Once again no payment from North Fork.

Once again I was not paid by North Fork. They use to be one of the most dependable companies I work for but in the pass three months this is the third time I had not been paid as promised. Also their phone number is out of... Continue Reading

Non Payment from Sept 2016!

I have messaged via Shopper Log Contact link, personal email and voicemail to no avail. Emails to schedular come back 'undeliverable', no live person answers the phone, EVER. Just today, I messaged and posted via Facebook. My first message was sent a month ago. This is... Continue Reading

Ask for payment or cut the loss/write it off elsewhere *RESOLVED* PAYMENT PENDING *

I performed a shop at a location that had a name change FIVE YEARS AGO but guidelines were not updated to reflect the new name. I emailed the scheduler and called her. She did not give me any information on the shop except automated emails warning it was due. I... Continue Reading

Market Force Pay

Did anyone get paid from Marketforce today? I didn't...did something change with their pay dates?... Continue Reading

Crockett CA Easy, Fast and Great Pay

CROCKETT CA AREA SHOPPERS!! NEW!! Project available for immediate assignment. Monday - Friday ONLY assignments Multiple shifts (see below) Easy, fast (approximately 15 minutes) Attempt to gain entrance to an area business. Shifts available are: Day 7 AM - 2 PM Swing: 3 PM - 9 PM Graveyard: 11 PM - 5 AM ** You may complete multiple... Continue Reading

Overpayment? What to do...

Rec'd this email just now: "This email is to inform you that we accidently paid you twice this afternoon. Please log in your Paypal account, find one of the payments from __________ on 1/9/17, just click the detail of the payment and choose refund to process. If you have any questions, please feel... Continue Reading

Long Payment Times

Hi all, I am new to this. In the process of signing up with a million companies. I have already learned lots from from this board. Thanks! I am wondering why many of these companies take so long to pay after a shop is accepted and approved. Do they not have the... Continue Reading

Service Check payments late

Last month, Service Check advised that payments would be made early -- on Dec 30 rather than Jan 15. They were not made. I have long defended Service Check as they are a great MSC to work with -- good shops, great schedulers, fair fees, clear shop guides & etc.... Continue Reading

Intellishop Did Not Pay Early Pizza Shop Payment as Promised

Intellishop said they would pay on 12/30/16 for Pizza shops done correctly and submitted by 12/28/16. I did a shop and submitted it on the 28th, but still not reviewed or paid. I emailed them today to find out the status, but no response, review or payment. Anyone else with... Continue Reading

Intelli-Shop partial payments?

I did 3 shops for Intelli this month. I got paid for the last one I did just now, but not the first two. I'm kind of confused. The one I got paid for was only performed one day after one I didn't get paid for. ... Continue Reading

Cirrus 360 payment dates

What is their pay schedule?... Continue Reading

Anyone Interested in a phone shop that pays $10

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading


NO THANK YOU... Continue Reading

When they absolutely, positively, will NOT pay you....

I cannot see going through with small claims court cases against the two MSC's who, over the last five years, have not paid me for legit, accepted, "passed through to the client" route uses too much time and is too expensive (or do I ask the court for 'penalties')... Continue Reading

Integrity Consultants Shop Payments

Read through the most recent topics and can't believe I didn't see a discussion on this shopping company. I must be the only one having trouble getting paid by them. I am owed for 10 shops going all the way back to Aug 29, 2016. They have... Continue Reading

Intellishop payment

Does anyone have an email address for someone I can contact at Intellishop regarding a missing payment?... Continue Reading

Market Force Pay History

I really liked that feature on the old website but I cant seem to find it on the new site. Am I just missing it or is it no longer a feature?... Continue Reading

Checking on Maritz Payments

I have been calling and emailing Maritz to no avail. I misplaced a check of which I recently found. The check was void after 90 days and I would like to have another check issued. Also, I don't believe I was paid for a shop I did... Continue Reading

Chase Pay Mobile App shop

Has anyone tried the Chase Pay Mobile App job at the big MSC? Just wondering if it's stupidly simple. Seems like a nice opportunity for a free lunch.... Continue Reading

Shoutout for all the early payments for the holiday boost!

Intellishop, Imyst, Ipsos, several ISS companies, Bestmark and more have paid early this month due to the holiday. Gotta love a little Christmas boost for the bills and of course it may be beneficial to them. Figured a shout out thread would be best so we can thank these folks!... Continue Reading

Kudos to Measure Consumer Perspectives for quick payment resolution

I was paid from Measure Consumer Perspectives but only received the fee and not the reimbursement. I sent a message to their general payments email. I got a message within a half hour and they said it was an error on their part and I would be paid. I was... Continue Reading

Thank you iMyst for fast payment!

I did a shop for imyst on Dec. 7th, and had money in my Paypal on Dec 14th!! Love it! Thanks!... Continue Reading

Intellishop payment

Has anyone been paid for October shops? Usually I get paid around the 20th of the following month.... Continue Reading

How soon is too soon to badger JM Ridgeway about payment?

I did a shop five weeks ago for JM Ridgeway that I thought was going to be rejected. Lo and behold, my shop log was updated with the reimbursement amount and the shop was marked "received." So I guess it was accepted. That being said, I've heard that people sometimes have... Continue Reading

Service Evaluations Inc of Vancouver pay problem

Anyone been paid by them lately? I still haven't been paid for October shop even though their pay policy says it's supposed to be on the last day of the next month. Have sent emails without reply, and phone is not being picked up. Anyone know what is going on... Continue Reading

Sights on Service dba Secret Shopper - doesn't pay gratuity?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Sales Quality Group -- do you know when they pay for shops?

Man oh man, I can't find FAQ's or anything on the website. I e-mailed the scheduler/editor, and she said she approved for payment 11/23 and put a "rush" on it for me. Does anybody know how long SQG takes to pay? The shop was completed 11/8, report submitted timely... Continue Reading

Compliance Solutions payment

Does anyone know their payment schedule or method? It's been a long while since I've shopped for them, and they are not on the master list. Thanks!... Continue Reading

PayPal - Ways to Make Extra $$

I have a lot of money sitting in PayPal (my extra side that my husband knows nothing about hehe) from mystery shopping and reimbursements... I was looking around the PayPal site and realized that I could in fact exchange the money into different currencies. Has anyone done that? In theory, if... Continue Reading

MSPS still paying by check

I just had to email Sinclair for them to reissue a check which I never received for shops done in Sept. I received the check from them for my shops done in Oct on Monday 11/28/16. According to their site it was mailed on 11/21/17. So I can safely assume... Continue Reading

Service Sleuth Payroll Advance Shops

I'm hoping to hear from anyone else that has done these shops. I picked one up earlier in the month because it was bonused. The shop was approved with a 10, but not yet paid. Anyway, the way I read the guidelines is that you are supposed to let... Continue Reading

Best Mark paying every week in December? Yes Please

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Payment for accepted shops.

I have been shopping for about 2 years and, in general, I have not had any problems until recently. I completed a shop that was accepted 10/10. The MSC's guidelines state I should get paid within 45 days after the shop is accepted. I have never had to wait... Continue Reading

Who Says Grocery Shopping DOESN'T PAY ? ?

$50 bonus to do a rush job :) !... Continue Reading

Anyone joined Mystery Shopping Providers? If so, are you satisified with them regarding jobs/pay.

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

PayPal Deductions

Do you contract with any MSC's that charge you to have your pay sent to PayPal? I just found that Second to None charges $1 but will allow free bank direct deposits. I prefer to avoid providing bank routing information.... Continue Reading

RBG Joke--PAY to do a shop

I got an email today asking me to do a purchase of at least $25, with a $10 off coupon and $5 reimbursement (reimbursement only, no fee). By my math that means I am PAYING at least $10 for the priviledge of shopping for them. Best joke of... Continue Reading

Confero Payments

I have just about had it with companies listing your fees as PAID but no money is in Paypal and no email from the MSC.. Anyone else with 11/10 Payment from Confero?... Continue Reading

Paypal issues - unclaimed?

I recently did 4 assignments for a company I have shopped for successfully before. They were supposed to pay me for them last week via Paypal. They've always used Paypal to pay me before and there have never been problems. This time, however, I haven't received any payment. The MS company... Continue Reading

Trendsource/MSI paying three times this month?

Did Trendsource/MSI put out something about paying three times this month? I received payment on the 3rd of the month and again today on the 7th for a few shops completed in between and over the weekend. I actually received payment today for shops I performed yesterday. I checked over... Continue Reading

Company paying $25 to have people write good reviews on their yelp page.

Today I was on craigslist and I saw x company paying $25 to have people write positive reviews on their yelp page. I emailed the person to get more info and they gave me the instructions and yelp link so I could get started. On their yelp, they have... Continue Reading

Bad paying experience - Mystery shopping in Intelli-Shop company - you cannot trust

I am an experienced shopper, and it seems to me that Intelli-Shop mystery shopping company is looking for an opportunity not to pay the shopper or to keep a deposit $100 you give them as (a security for tickets) and not return it back to the shopper after the shop... Continue Reading

Outstanding Shared Insight Payments

I am missing over $100 worth of payments for Shared Insight shops. These shops date back to July, August, and September. I have contacted the company via phone, and have had interaction with one person in particular. This person informed me that my concerns would be forwarded directly to the... Continue Reading

North Fork missing payments again

What is up with northfork. I have been with them two years and never a late payment. Now all a sudden ev e y payment is late.... Continue Reading

Who sets the pay for the shops?

I've noticed the pay dropping for some shops and even the reimbursements being eliminated. Do MSC or the companies (the ones hiring the MSC) themselves set the pay?... Continue Reading

Mystery shop not only lowered the pay they removed the reimburstment.

I had planned to do a mystery shop for a hardware store. I've done these before. In the past the shop paid $10 plus $2 reimbursement. I noticed the same shop was now paying $8. Not only that. they still require a purchase, but have removed the reimbursement. I... Continue Reading

KSS changes pay whenever

So I scheduled shops with them. Fee was $50. Go to do the shop and they change the fee to $15. So I emailed saying i accepted contract for $50. Lori Kern says "it was a typo" And says she will remove the shops but they are obviously not going... Continue Reading

Gigspot payment method.

Is it save to give your bank info, so Gigspot can transfer your the money for the shop as a "direct deposit"? Anybody had experience with that?... Continue Reading

Help please - Ican'trememberwhattheheckit'scalled, but not PayPal, check or direct deposit

I did one shop for a company at a waxing salon. I can't remember the name of the MSC, but I had to sign up for something like "billpay". Believe it or not, Googling "billpay" was not helpful. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? It's only $25 out... Continue Reading

Market Force offering $0 fee, reimbursement only, for client another MSC pays a good flat fee on

Looks like someone accidentally released a new client, before the reimbursement and fee were set. If this client is moving to MF I hope it hasn't become reimbursement only, that will be depressing even if the reporting requirements are dumbed down.... Continue Reading

QAMS contact information? Completed job disappeared from Pay History

I did my first shop for QAMS a few days ago. When I checked my pay history today, to be sure everything was OK ,the job was no longer listed . I've double checked all my emails and didn't receive any correspondence from them except those asking me... Continue Reading

Do you count payment for meals as income on taxes?

I was wondering if reimbursement for meals that you get on a restaurant shop (or part of it) counts as income on income taxes. I've searched this forum for answers and also online. I don't have an accountant, so I'd appreciate and guidance from those of you who have been... Continue Reading

No pay

I did a shop. I went in to check the status and the pay was at 0.00 and a 1 was the rate. I never received any feedback and have never gotten anything below an 8 and ALWAYS been paid. II email the scheduler and help desk for a week,... Continue Reading

Cirrus June shop payment

Has anyone gotten paid for Cirrus shops done in June?... Continue Reading

North Fork missing payments

Was anyone paid on Friday for shops done on 9/3/16- 9/7/16?... Continue Reading

ATH HIGH PAYING Open Checking Account Shop -- Any Caveats that I'm not seeing???

ATH is offering a HIGH PAYING (as in, $100.00) account opening shop in my area. There are no restrictions for age or language, only that the shopper not have shopped the same location within 60 days. And the shopper cannot open a "Safe Balance" checking account. The ONLY instructions that... Continue Reading

Sentry Paying Late This Month?

I completed a job for Sentry on July 30. My shop was accepted with no problems and the invoice is in my pay history with a date of August 16. I see on their website it shows payment will be in my account by the last day... Continue Reading

Low Payment for shops from RBG

Anybody else surprised about the low payment RBG ( Reality Based Group) is offering on their restaurant shops. I have just done two shops for them and will admit they are super easy as far as the forms to fill out go, but the reimbursement is ridiculous.... Continue Reading

Reliable Companies: Pay Days

So far I have found Trend Source, Market Force, Best Mark to be companies that pay from what I see much quicker than some. I did shops between 8/24-9/21/16 for Trend Source and was paid 9/2/16. Market Force shop was 8/27/16 and paid on 9/15/16. Best Mark shop was... Continue Reading

Dedicated to all that feel the need to start the low pay thread, yet again

I did a big run today, resplendent with healthy bonuses attached to my low hanging fruit shops. It was a wondrous day until I arrived at my Dads so I could write a heavy narrative report. Imagine my sadness when I saw an email from one of my favorite scheduler's... Continue Reading

Service Evaluation Concepts payment

Hi, I am getting my 1st reimbursement from them and noticed the pending payment is only the fees and not the reimbursements. I've sent an inquiry, but was curious if this has happened to anyone else or if they pay later separately? Also, the website crashed a bunch while... Continue Reading

Completed Airport Coffee Shop correctly, yet MSC won't pay me due to employee error

I completed a coffee shop at a airport earlier this month prior to departure. The MSC said that I had to do the shop in a small window of time in the morning hours at a specific terminal. I also had to ask the employee for a specific type of... Continue Reading

Payoff for those 15 - 18 hour work days

I performed a special project in the month of August. Since I work a FT job, I had to get up extra early, work thru lunch and stay up extra late with very little sleep. My social life was put on the back burner during weeknights. Well... Continue Reading

Confero - Late payment no response

Hi everyone. Has anyone received their payment for confero for this month? Their payment policy states I should have been paid on or around the 10th, my shop log indicates I was paid on the Monday the 12th, 3-5 days paypal means that at the latest I should have received... Continue Reading

JMRidgeway Payment

I am waiting for a payment from JMRidgeway. I did the shop on 8/2 and have yet to be paid. Nikki told me that they pay by 52 days. I've never had them take this long to pay......... Continue Reading

Dunlap Enterprises, HDE and the payment chase

This company seems to use several different names. As far as I know, they only do a burger chain. I take these shops because they are fairly easy to report and have never had them rejected. I HAVE been paid for every shop that I have done. Last year, they paid... Continue Reading

PayNearMe shops. Anyone have experience?

I'm trying to increase my shop game so I've been signing up with a bunch of new-to-me companies. I'm seeing some PayNearMe shops around and the pay seems pretty good. I'm wondering how time consuming or involved these shops are? Does anyone have any semi-recent experience with them?... Continue Reading

Mystery shop cancelled my negative report and won't pay

I have been mystery shopping for over 10 years. Few weeks ago I did a drive in Hot Dog shop for MarketForce which I have done many times before. But this last time was a little different than previous in that I made a negative report about the quality... Continue Reading

Seelevel Payment

On the SeeLevel shop log it states I got paid today but I don't have the money in my PayPal account. How long does it take to be received by PayPal. Also, another company paid me today and it's in my PayPal account... Continue Reading

IntelliShops Payment Question

So I completed a bunch of shops on or before August 30th. I went and checked them today and they are all now listed payment pending. Is that normal? Does this mean they will be paid this month.... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections Payments?

Have anybody received their payment for July yet? It seems like they are getting later and later every month.... Continue Reading

Is it me or have payments for our services fallen since I took a temp job?

Hi, been working as a temp in Silicon Valley for a company that's been begging me to stay on as full-time but that's not where I see my life. Today I made the mistake of picking up my phone and spoke to one of the most aggressive Schedulers ever,... Continue Reading

ath not paying on time again

Ath is late again. Sent out a generic email that they sent a request to to pay me. No they didn't. Generic response and no notice from which is usually immediate. How many of you got the same email when you inquired about getting paid? Last time they acted... Continue Reading

Maritz not going to pay

I completed a shop for Maritz 3 months ago that I've been patiently awaiting pay on. I've called them about once a month to check the status. At the 2 month mark they told me it was in internal review, whatever that means. This time when I contacted the pay... Continue Reading

SSI - have to pay to register as a shopper? ? ?

In another thread, somebody suggested SSI. I looked (okay - glanced) at their site and it appers that you pay to become an evaluator. Is this a scam or worth it? Or am I not reafing it properly?... Continue Reading

MaritzCX - The Next Generation of Payment

A BIG announcement from MaritzCX regarding payment options. Finally! "MaritzCX is happy to announce that a direct deposit option is coming soon! In the near future, you will have the choice to receive your shop fees, incentives and reimbursements directly into the checking/savings account you designate. We are preparing for... Continue Reading

Maritz Payment

Does Maritz require an invoice for payment?... Continue Reading

Did MF just 2X the work for the same pay re gasoline shops?

The first 7 MF jobs I did were $8/$5 for a gas station mystery shop where it's required to buy 2 gallons of gas and 1 item for $1.00+. Now it seems the same job has an additional revealed audit with another form and multiple photos for the same pay. Am... Continue Reading

Ipsos Pay Schedule

What is Ipsos's pay schedule and has anyone experienced issues with payments? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Anyone else having a slow payments received month?

So broke... Waiting on so many companies.... Continue Reading

Confero August payment

My shop log says I was paid by Confero on 8/25 and but I haven't seen the funds in Paypal yet. Did anyone else have this issue? My previous payment was dated 7/11 on the log and I got the money on 7/12. I hate having to chase down money... Continue Reading

Anyone having payment problems with Bare?

I did an oil change shop for them and they only paid me the shop fee, no reimbursement. They did not have any problem with the shop. I have been asking for an update on the reimbursement for over 2 weeks now and I cannot get anyone to... Continue Reading

bestmark not paying for shops

Bestmark has not paid me for shops I did in July even though they were marked paid 7/29. Also did not pay me for the shops that were due to be paid on 8/20. They refuse to answer my emails or phone calls.... Continue Reading

Payment is a coupon?

What am I missing here? MSC offers a coupon for $10 off $50 purchase, and reimbursement of $15 for an item that cannot be returned. Why would shoppers take these? Seriously asking. Is a coupon as payment the wave of the future? ETA: Can't be used... Continue Reading

Sentry payments

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Grace Hill / The Training Factor: Pay

I recently completed my first several shops for Grace Hill... I like to track expected pay dates, but I can't find anything substantive about their pay periods...... Continue Reading

Another Cirrus Marketing Non-Payment Issue

I just filed a report with the BBB against Cirrus Marketing for non-payment. I did 3 apartment shops for them 4/5/2016. To-date: reported,Invoice, contacted and still No payment.... Continue Reading

MF Pay Day

I was surprised to see the money has been deposited into my account. Usually we get a letter saying saying what day we will be paid... This is nice. :)... Continue Reading

MSC that take forever to pay

I may be a little nave about the payments from MSC, Are there seriously some companies out there that are not paying us shoppers. My life is busy and I don't keep track of all of the shops that I complete, And when payments come in. I see a lot... Continue Reading

New Two Visit Car Negotiation Shops - will not pay

I have for a number of years worked with Mystery Researchers, now See Level HX. They will send out requests for two visit car negotiation shops. Lately, if they do not receive every piece of paper needed to complete their shops they will not pay me as the... Continue Reading

Have you ever thought "Just don't pay me"

When I finish a report and hit "Send," I'm done with that shop. If I get a simple question from the MSC for clarification, that's fine; but if I get an email that requests rewriting/adding more narrative I get annoyed to the point where I just want to say "so... Continue Reading

Insideevaluators payment

Has anyone else had issues with payment? I have not been paid since May. I was supposed to get paid over a month ago...... Continue Reading

INTELLI REFUSED payment for shop

The client is lying?... Continue Reading

Chasing Payment

How long do you wait before you start asking?... Continue Reading

Easy mobile payment app mystery shops in the San Francisco Bay Area!

GfK is conducting field tests on a mobile payment app solution in the San Francisco Bay area! Opportunities are only available via the Presto Insta-Shopper app which can be downloaded for free in the app store from your mobile device. Shops will be available starting Monday, May 23 and include... Continue Reading

Kinesis- Overpayment

I am pretty sure that Kinesis overpaid me for one of my shops by $5. lol, so I wrote an email to tell them. I feel sort of silly but it seemed too dishonest not to. Now I'm just concerned that I am forgetting something and my $25 payment was... Continue Reading

How do I get a running list of shops with earned pay from Maritz?

I've noticed that almost all the other mscs offer a place on their website that shows what you've earned per shop. I took a bunch of Maritz shops and went back just days later to do my recordkeeping, only to find that they don't put the shop pay and... Continue Reading

Sentry pay issues?

Is anyone else having issues with Sentry? I now show two invoices on their website that have never shown up on my bill account. I searched the boards but don't see info on payment issues. THANKS... Continue Reading

PayPal scam

If you get an email saying to click to update your account as there has been suspicious activity. DO NOT CLICK. forward it to spoof@ I have gotten a few of these before and they were scams. If you think there could be a problem with your account, just... Continue Reading

Shopmetrics pay statement

I received a payment from Ipsos today that doesn't match up with my records. I can't find where to look at what this payment is for. The PayPal email receipt says to look at my pay statement on Shopmetrics, but I can't figure out where that is. Anyone have any... Continue Reading

Payday today?

Hi! I'm supposed to get paid today from ISS. Nothing is coming up yet. How long do payments take to show up in paypal?... Continue Reading

Coyle: Confused about June Pay Statement

I feel so confused. I am looking at the Pay Statement for the month of June and the last shop I did for Coyle was a sort of bar/ lounge/ something extra shop. I turned it in promptly with all my receipts, which were all detailed. I asked for the... Continue Reading


Scheduler, Did you forget a decimal point?... Continue Reading


Hi guys this is a two part question. I am a newbie so I appreciate any and all helpful information that I can get. Ok, with Ellis i signed up for direct deposit, It says that payment was paid 7/6/16. No payment posted to my account yet.- when i checked my... Continue Reading

CRG Payments?

I withdraw the question. That's all it was, people -- a question.... Continue Reading

MarketForce Payment

I usually get paid very early from MarketForce. I know their website says as late as the 20th, but has anyone else gotten paid yet? I haven't seen anything on the website indicating otherwise, but since every month I have already had gotten paid, I figured I would inquire about... Continue Reading

Got first payment

Checked the mail before I went to work and there was my first MS payment in there. Pretty excited to see it.... Continue Reading

Why Do Schedulers Call When Their Not Raising the Board's Pay Level? A Personal Touch or Pressure?

I received a few phone calls asking to take up two jobs outside my comfort zone for the same price stated up on the job board. I waited for the nice man to tell me he was going to raise the price so out of the blue he say's... Continue Reading

National Shopping Service payment?

Has anyone been paid for May shops yet? My payment has been up there for a week, but so far I have nothing and can't get a response to emails. Thanks!... Continue Reading

Low pay

I won't reveal Msc's name (PM me if you want to know). I did same shop for them 4 years ago for $14.00 (easy shop), and just saw it on the board for 12.00. OUCH!!... Continue Reading

What would you do? Incorrect pay listed- submit report?

I was called to do a shop for $55 and countered with $75. The scheduler agreed and thanked me. The day before the shop, I noticed the pay was set at $55 and emailed her to let her know it wasn't right. She emailed me back right away and said... Continue Reading

Your having a Impact on the Low Pay Leader because they can't find Shoppers at their Recent Reduced Rates!

The company that reduced Shoppers Pay by 30% is having trouble filling those jobs because nobody wants to do a job that pay's $11 plus you have to spend $2.00 to verify you were there. My email box has four emails saying their job expires on June 30, 2016.... Continue Reading

Trendsource [client name deleted] Shops and other cheap MSCs (Stop Accepting Low Pay Grocery Shops People)

Why do people take $9.00 + $5.00 contractor fees= $14.00 grocery shops when its not even worth the gas to get there. Trendsource sucks and needs to boycotted because you are working for free people. Thes scheduler's pay depends on the shops they fill! When you guys take low... Continue Reading

Shared insight pay date

Shared insight's PayPal pay date is today and it shows shops as paid on their website but nothing is in my PayPal account. How long does it take for payment to show up? Anyone else get paid? Should I be worried? Thanks!... Continue Reading

Albatross did not pay

STILL MISSING PAYMENT - They do not even have a phone number where a shopper could call and ask for the status of payment. I questioned them via email about a missing payment, and they wrote back and asked why I did not submit a report. That was the end... Continue Reading

High payout companies

Im going to apologise if its been asked already...I just started and I was wondering if you guys could throw out some high paying companies to sign up with. $40 and above lets say but any input is much appreciated.... Continue Reading

Second to None - no payment

I did 2 jobs for Second to None about three or so months ago yet I haven't received payment from them. I can't find the jobs anywhere on my account page at Second to None but I'm not sure if I'm looking in the right place. Where would I look?... Continue Reading

Stericycle payment email not received this week

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Regarding "Strategic Evaluations - whats up with them paying?" Thread

Hi, As the discussion is old it appears I can no longer reply to the posts on that thread. I noticed that a few Shoppers referenced Consumer Connection in the thread and there seems to be some confusion between the two companies. Consumer Connection is in no way affiliated with Strategic Evaluations... Continue Reading

standee instalment non payment

I do not know what else I can do about this situation so I'm asking for advise. Here's the situation. My boyfriend and I agreed to install the Secret Life of Pets standee and we completed it a few hours after we signed up for it.. The next day we... Continue Reading

Anyone waiting on Strategic Evaluations payments?

I'm waiting on a few gas shops that were reimbursement only. Two in March, two in April, plus I did two in May. I've tried calling the number that the scheduler gave me, and she forwarded my email to payroll. No responses. Anyone else waiting on Strategic Evaluations?... Continue Reading

Ardent June Payment

I just saw on the facebook group that the June Payments will be sent on 6/21 (Tuesday), for those of you who don't facebook and are interested.... Continue Reading

Person to Person Quality Bonus Payment Issue

I did these shops a couple months ago for Person to Person Quality, but I recently joined the forum and never had the chance to ask. I did a few alcohol compliance audits (ID Check) for them, and there would be a $2 bonus applied if I added a step... Continue Reading

Has anyone done payday loan shops? I need advice on a PITA report....

I foolishly decided to take a payday loan shop in a sketchy neighborhood (without asking for a higher bonus) and now I'm paying for it. If anyone is familiar with this particular MSCs model and how they like reports done for these types of shops, I could use your advice.... Continue Reading

Second to None $1 PayPal fee

I received a payment from Second to None this morning that was one dollar short of my shop fee. The PayPal email indicated that there was a monthly $1 fee assessed for shoppers who elect to be paid by PayPal. I don't recall seeing this fee before. ... Continue Reading

SeeLevel HX payment

Has anyone had any problems being paid by SeeLevel HX? I am still waiting on payments from April shops. According to the sight they pay the 15th of the following month. So I should have been paid last month around the 15th.... Continue Reading

REMINDER! Quarterly US tax payments due tomorrow June 15!

For US taxpayers who expect a tax liability not covered by withholding, for this tax year, it's time to send money.... Continue Reading

Service Metrics pay

I did 14 $13 shops for them last month. I received my cheque today, for $100, which is $82 short, and is not divisible by $13. I tried to phone them but unless you have an extension there is no way to leave a message. I've just emailed them. Just... Continue Reading

Martiz Payment Schedule

Does anyone know when Maritz makes payments? How do you know when you get paid? I could not find anything on their website... Continue Reading

Gapbusters (GBW) - NO PAYMENT. What can I do?

Greetings, I'm just trying to get direction on how to get payment from the company GapBusters. I did a job for them in April and still have not received payment. On their website it says to update my bank info because that's why payment was rejected but that's a... Continue Reading

Kudos to iMyst and their fast payments!

I am really impressed with iMyst. I just completed my first shop for them last week and it was very easy to work with them. They have great communication with their shoppers, clear guidelines, and they pay really fast! Within 5 days of my shop, I got an e-mail from... Continue Reading

Shop Gone Bad Then Removed Without Pay

I did a shop last week (one of many I've done for this MSC) that was supposed to be a carrier store. When I got there it turned out to be a Radio Shack with the signs for the carrier inside. so I emailed the scheduler and asked if... Continue Reading

Paying taxes as a shopper

Do mystery shopping Companies send us any kind of forms at the end of the year for tax purposes. .... Continue Reading

No Pay for Intellishop Pest Control Calls

Did anyone else do the $5 pest control phone shops in May and get asked by the target if you were a mystery shopper because you followed the 'ants/mosquitoes' script? And then report honestly and not get paid because you put in the write-up that they asked if you were... Continue Reading

Shared insight payment

I have seen mixed reviews regarding Shared Insight payments in the past. Is anyone doing shops for them currently? I've taken on several and set myself up to be paid via paypal. Hoping they are reliable.... Continue Reading

Maritz Payment

Has anyone received their check this week? I was hoping they would send them on Friday or Tuesday at latest due to the holiday weekend.... Continue Reading

Compliance Solutions payment problem

I completed a carpet cleaning job for this company on Apr 30. Under the shop log, it indicates that it was paid on 5/20. I have not received a check yet. Wondering if anyone has any recent experience with this co. I've sent an email asking for... Continue Reading

Cinnabon Shop- do they always pay no fee and just straight $20 (unattainable!) reimbursements?

Saw my first Cinnabon shop and nabbed it - only to cancel minutes later because the $20 (max) reimbursement was far more than the allowable menu items. YES, I know the $20 is the "max" - but they know damn well that the average price will be in the... Continue Reading

Recent Payment Issues with Intellishop

I'm wondering if anyone else has had payment issues with Intellishop? I am owed for one shop in February and two in early April. I stopped shopping for them midway through April as, at that point, I considered them in "default." Of course, contacting them is futile and I would be... Continue Reading

Data Quest Payment

I'm scheduled to complete my first shop with Data Quest later this month. When I registered with them through Sassie, I provided my Paypal information. However, everything I'm reading online suggests that they still pay by check. There isn't an FAQ page on their website, so I'm uncertain how... Continue Reading

Remington Payment Question

I did a highly bonused shop for Remington. I submitted the report the same day and received a 10/10 with a kudos from the editors. I was told that I could submit an invoice for $60. The shop had a $65 fee. I emailed the editor with a... Continue Reading

EPMS refuses to pay

I have shopped for EPMS several times over the past 2 or 3 years. I won't go into previous frustrations and problems with them, just the latest. I was doing a $75 shop for them. I called the location, spoke to my target, asked her when I could come by, she... Continue Reading

Quick and easy mobile payment app mystery shops in San Francisco

GfK is conducting field tests on a mobile payment app solution in the San Francisco Bay area! Opportunities are only available via the Presto Insta-Shopper app which can be downloaded for free in the app store from your mobile device. Shops will be available starting Monday, May 23 and include... Continue Reading

Sentry payments via

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

National Shopping Service - need payment

I would be grateful if I could get paid! I am sure you are grateful that the shops get done and you get paid. Now live up to your payment policy and send me my payment! It is nearly the end of May and I have not been paid... Continue Reading

How long do the MCD Menu Audits usually take to perform because they raised the pay from $6 to $7.00!

I counted four MCD Menu Audits remaining and they raised the bonus making total pay $7 plus $1.00 for food to provide proof of visitation or justify why your sitting down staring at their menu without ordering anything. Are you using your phone app or laptop to get them... Continue Reading

Payment Issue

I'm not sure how to handle this. In March, I did a gas station/convenience store shop for an MSC. These are normally reimbursement only, but I requested and got a bonus. I've done many of these shops with nothing bad to report. The one I did in March had many... Continue Reading

pay rates

I am new to this forum but I have done mystery shops for 3 years. One thing I do not undevrstabd is why companies come In so low on their pay rates. Then when time passess and it gets closer to the deadline they they up the... Continue Reading

Payment from Albatross?

I completed a shop with Albatross a couple of weeks ago. This was my first one with them. I received a payment for the reimbursement portion of my shop. Under payment history, it still shows the shop as under review. Their payment schedule says they pay about... Continue Reading

MSCs, y'all are gonna have to pay me to wait....

The $9 cell-phone shop just went up a generous $2. So, you still have to wait up to 30 minutes for an associate (if necessary), do the in-store shop, then the report--all for $11? Oh, and I forgot the time to get there and back (even though there's one that... Continue Reading

Marketforce payments for this month

Hey there. Has anyone been paid by Marketforce for this month? Typically they post prospective pay dates on their website but as of this morning there are no notices.... Continue Reading

Strategic Evaluations Canada payment

I was just wondering if someone received a payment for February? I sent few emails but got no response. I usually was getting responses very quickly... tnx Everything was resolved...... Continue Reading

How much do you demand when getting paid in "% Off Coupons"? Scheduler needs help on "$10 off $25 Retail App" no payment.

There's a email hitting my box everyday asking me to perform their shop by asking me "What will it take for you to perform this Shop"? No bonus, no cash, just a coupon from a store that should have gone out of business ten years ago. How big of a... Continue Reading

Pay Raise Not Given From Merchandising Company

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Low Pay Fees

I do not understand that with the number of Mystery Shoppers out there that we cannot form some sort of organization that would force these cheap companies to pay more for certain shops. We should not have to wait until they offer a bonus because nobody will do a certain... Continue Reading

What restaurants do you gladly pay for?

Now that I've been shopping for a few years, I find it hard to actually use my own money and pay for a meal, unless the food is something I really crave. I regularly shop Panda and Habit Burger grill and I now won't eat there unless its for... Continue Reading

Cirrus payments for January shops?

Is anyone else's payment delayed by Cirrus for shops done in January? I was told that January shops would be paid at the end of April. Even though it's only May 2, I am frustrated that it takes this company 3 months to pay. (As a side, I do like... Continue Reading

Marketforce paying in Canadian funds?

I am new here, but have already learned so much. Thank you everyone for sharing your knowledge. I live in Canada and have done a couple shops around home for Market Force. I am planning a trip to the States and was looking up shops there, which got me to thinking. Does... Continue Reading

When companies try to avoid paying the full amount or not at all.

I am an experienced shopper over many years on and off. I have done high paying shops that pay over $100-$200 and some 1/2 that and some $25 and 20 dollars ones and quick phone shops for $5.00 While we all appreciate the opportunity to make extra $, but ... Continue Reading

$15 pay- expected 30 min prep before shop /30 min report

So I'm looking at a job on stereo equipment. $15 shop with no purchase. The description says to expect to spend 30 preparing for the shop and 30 min to complete the report. They don't mention how long the shop should take but if you are... Continue Reading

Maritz payment

I've only gotten 3 checks from Maritz, so I don't know if this is common; or cause for concern. The most recent check I got was for 1 shop, completed on 3/20. However, I have not received payment for 2 shops that were both completed on 3/14. Both shops had appeared... Continue Reading

Mercantile Systems Payment Dates

I searched the board for this topic, but I can't find this answer -- once Merc Systems prints the "statement" showing the amount you are to be paid for a certain pay period, how long before a check is actually printed? Is it 45 days from THAT date?... Continue Reading

Evening Eligible payment?

I've done 2 different brands of gas stations for Maritz. One brand I've done several evening visits, and the shop description always stated the additional pay for completing it in the evening. The other brand has some evening eligible shops right now, but does not have the amount... Continue Reading

Market Force Payments

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When and how does Maritz pay?

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Name and phone number for RBG payments?

RBG indicated that they paid a month ago, but I have yet to receive payment. I tried contacting the scheduler, but no response. Anyone have a contact name and number?... Continue Reading

Roy Rogers pay increase

The new round is out, pay increased from $7 to $10. Reimbursement is still generous. Edited to fix Subject line... Continue Reading

Non payment

I have currently shopped for Market Force twice and they refuse to pay. The shops were both [client name removed] shops and their excuse to not pay was not valid either time. I reported this to the [client name removed] headquarters. I am waiting for a reply from them. [I]Mod note:... Continue Reading

ATH February payment.

I got a notification today 4-5 that February payment, Bill.Com in my account by 4/6.... Continue Reading

February 2016 Gapbuster payment - delayed

Has any one else received their February 2016 payment, due at end March 2016.... Continue Reading

Anybody get payment for December 2015 shops from Cirrus Marketing Intelligence yet?

I work for approximately 15-25 companies in any given month. Cirrus is the lone holdout who has not paid for work done in 2015. I submitted the invoice in December, but I am still waiting for my money. I have a mortgage to pay too Cirrus!!... Continue Reading

Anybody get payment for February shops from NSS yet?

Anybody get payment for February shops from NSS yet?... Continue Reading

Kudos to DJC - Fast Fast FAST Pay!

Big kudos to DJC. Not only might they be the nicest guys in my MS neighborhood, they have the fastest pay around. On Wednesday, 3/23 (yes, 2 days ago!) I did a lunch shop. I reported it around 6PM that evening. I got paid by PayPal... Continue Reading

National Shopping Service - Problems with payroll as they move to Paypal

I wonder if anyone else is having a problem as National Shopping Service moves from mailing checks over to PayPal this month. I got a form e-mail letter that said PayPal takes longer but all payment would be processed by the 21st (now it is the 25th). Before when... Continue Reading

PayPal Question

For those who use PayPal, how do you manage it: transfer to you bank right away, wait until you have $X accumulated to transfer, or just leave it there?... Continue Reading

Ath Power Payments?

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

ATH 3/16 Answer from ATH about payment.

This is the email I received from the ATH payment scheduler. "I am checking with accounting as to why that direct deposit has not occurred. In the meantime, I will make sure releases it and you will receive the pay confirmation email from them this week." I will keep everyone... Continue Reading

IPSOS and payment issues...revisited

Guess what, naysayers, doubters and other such birth certificate deniers and other similar wacky conspiracy nut jobs (yep, you know who you are)...there are no payment issues with IPSOS. payment was received today before their due date.... Continue Reading

What is Audit and Why Pay $25+ for Drug Testing? Why do IC pay for Drug Testing if they not employee?

Why do Audit Jobs make you buy drug tests? Are audit jobs so good you should pay fees to have drug test to become their employee? Audit jobs I when I join and wonder if its good idea to become a MSC employee if they want control over... Continue Reading

Tip: Marketforce will pay your tolls!

This isn't a big deal to many of you living in the midwest or southern states (minus Texas & Florida) but here in the northeast we have to deal with many many tolls! I always looked at marketforce as a cheap company because they're always posting shops for really... Continue Reading

Cheapest Shop ever; in as far as pay / effort-engagement. Jewelry is my new one. What's yours?

Mine was just offered as I'm being asked to inquire about a $6,000 engagement ring for which they will pay me $10. I can't buy a buffet meal for myself, even if I qualified for the senior discount which I don't yet, at Golden Corral.... Continue Reading

Norton Norris - when do they pay??

Hello everyone! I am new to mystery shopping, and have only performed a few shops. Most of the shops I have performed have been college shops for Norton-Norris. Does anyone know when they pay and if they pay via paypal or direct deposit?... Continue Reading

Just started. The schedulers seem nice. then threatening, when you complete the shop review, you hear nothing. Is this normal, and do they jyst not pay?

Can't figure out some schedulers. Seem so nice. then you do the last minute shop for next to nothing, get it done, and never hear a word if it's accepted and I will be paid. Does that happen, and how can I avoid this problem?... Continue Reading

Management Consultant Group, will not pay!!

I completed my first shop for MCG and it was a high end restaurant shop mid January for and there is a statement on their site they pay at the end of the following month. That is standard in this business but when I send several emails and leave... Continue Reading

No payment from Service Scouts

I completed a job on Jan 7th. After some email back and forth with Tracy and the Owner Jim, I was finally promised the check that I was owed on 1/24/16. I am asking for the payment on this job. Service Scouts pays twice a month, and... Continue Reading

New Image Marketing payments?

They were due today, but haven't gotten it yet. Anyone gotten their payments? I've only been with them a few months, and they have always been on time, but a big payment is due and I'm a little freaked out.... Continue Reading

BEWARE - SHARED INSIGHT does not pay it's mystery shoppers!!???

I saw on another post that someone else had a similar problem as me with Shared Insights. Last year, Shared Insight mailed me a payment check for a shop I completed for them, 7 months AFTER the shop was completed (very very late). The bank found the check had 'staled' when... Continue Reading

Integrity Consultants taking a long time to pay

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Pay Day Loan Shops

Has any one done the Pay Day Loan shops for a certain company? I have done a search and I can't seem to find it. Since I did not mention the name of the Pay Day Loan shop may I mention the company? Yes I know there are several pay... Continue Reading

Clarification re: payments

Another question i had... For companies who say 30 days or 45 days, if i do an assignment today and one tomorrow, will they not group the payment or will i get seperate payments?... Continue Reading

Total $100 per shop. Bonus added now!! High Pay college shops available. No enrollment required!

-- moved topic -- ... Continue Reading

Mystery Shopping Companies that pay you in "Half Off" coupons, what's your view?

There's a company that's sent me dozens of requests to perform shops in lieu for 50% off store merchandise. Having worked in Retail most of you know items usually get marked up several hundred percent if not 1000%-10,000% in Women's clothing. How many of you will perform a... Continue Reading


How do you get paid? Someone told me you have to fill something out and submit it but I haven't seen anything like that.... Continue Reading

Question about Commision paying Companies

Hi I have a question- Do you guys take jobs where the employee works on commission? I feel bad basically taking someone's valuable time when they can be making money. I never accept furniture or appliance type jobs.... Continue Reading

Pier One huge pay

Purchase and return for a whopping $6! Yes you read that right.... Continue Reading

Market Force Pay Day

I saw the money go into the account this morning :)... Continue Reading

Do Payday Loans Affect One's Credit?

I know we have discussed this before, but I cannot find the thread. I would use Scenario Four due to being retired and not being able to produce a paycheck. Ultimately, I would be denied a loan. For this shop, is one's credit checked? If the loan... Continue Reading

Does Reality Based Group pay by check or Paypal?

I searched, didn't find the information. I've just started with them, am Canadian. My SSN status is 'approved' (I wrote before doing any shops with them to make sure I could shop without a US SSN). The first shop I did with them in December says it was paid on... Continue Reading

Question about Marketforce payments

I did 2 shops for Marketforce on 1/30. Hopefully there isn't a problem, but usually when I do shops for them they go from "in QC" to "Approved" the same day or early the next day. Since they won't go into "Approved" status until February, does that mean... Continue Reading

Maritz Business Payment

All last year my checks from Maritz came to my personal name. I do run an online business and registered my name with the state for the purpose of collecting sales tax when I sell something. Now my checks from Maritz are coming under that name. anyone... Continue Reading

Gas station shops - the company that has the most of them. ARE THEY PAYING LATE?

I have shopped with this company for 4 yrs. They have always been on time and only pay by check in the mail. In the last two pay periods, my checks have arrived extremely late. I am waiting for a 1/15/16 check to arrive. Back in December, a 12/15/15... Continue Reading

If one HAD to consider something higher paying that MSing, but similar - what would you suggest?

What would one be qualified for? If I had to look for steadier and regular income at a greater level. But similar-ish? I def love the freedom of being an independent contractor. Am willing to weigh all options.... Continue Reading

No pay

I accepted an oil change shop. The guidelines said to call and make an appointment. The company did not provide a telephone number.I tried to find one on line. I emailed for help on how to proceed.After the third email I received a response to proceed, I went to the... Continue Reading

2016 Shop and Payment Tracking Sheet

I am not sure if anyone has posted this yet for this year. But I have a clean copy of my Tracking Sheet updated for 2016. I use it to keep track of my shops, due dates, mileage, fee, bonus, and when and if I was paid. I can also... Continue Reading

Is Intelli-Shop behind on payments again?

I should have seen my shops from last month at least showing "Payment Pending" but they don't. They've all been graded. Almost always get paid by the 20th of the month after the shop, but status hasn't changed.... Continue Reading

How long does HS Brands take to pay?

I searched the boards, but may not be using correct key words. Did a shop at the beginning of November, still waiting for payment before I decide if I want to shop with them again. This is standard for any company I am trying out, however its been over... Continue Reading

What's the most Outrageously Low Payout you've seen? A 30 mile drive for $5?

Hi, new to this site! How common is this scenario? A MSC send's one of their reliable MS a request to perform a shop thirty miles away with a $5 payout asking her "to buy and return something to evaluate how well the employee handled their transaction".... Continue Reading

BMA late payments

I occasionally use the iSecret Shop app when I'm out on a route and want to pick up a few extra, very easy shops...even though they don't pay as well as they used to. I like the app, but I know many others have mixed feelings about it...anyway I've been... Continue Reading

Do Not Click on Link in PayPal Email (PHISHING ALERT)

I received a fake email from PayPal entitled, "We've Disabled Your Account Access." I first looked at the email address it came from and I could tell right away that it was not valid. support This email looks realistic with the PayPal logo and colors and... Continue Reading


Has anyone else having a problem with Intellishop? I have been shopping for two years and have over 30 companies that I perform shops. I never had a problem with an excluded shop until last month when I received payment from Intellishop and the payment was $140 short.... Continue Reading

Waiting on payment

I've been shopping since the beginning of Dec 2015. So far, I've done shops for 4 different MSCs and have been paid what was owed for each of them except one, the highest fee job I've done to date. I've done other shops for this particular company (Intelli-Shop)... Continue Reading

The low pay days for payday loans

Interesting that the payday loan shops that hopped to a new MSC, which then offered amazingly lowball fees for shops, have dropped off the boards in my area. You can still collect $2 for filling out a report about your phone call query on how to apply for a payday... Continue Reading

MSC Paydates

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Does anyone know the payment schedule/dates for Jancyn Mystery Shop?

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which shops pay the fastest

Shops take 2 months to pay. Which companies pay in a month or less?... Continue Reading

MSC's are really trying to help and protect us by making us pay cash only at McDonald's shops

MSC's are really trying to help and protect us by making us pay cash only at McDonald's shops. Continue Reading

Acura Owners (you can borrow too) $65.00 Payment and FREE services on your car!

Do you own or can you borrow an Acura? If so we have some GREAT mystery shops available for Acura owners in January and February 2016. These mystery shops pay $65.00 and cover a complete oil change (including synthetic) OR pay up to $50 of any other service. You can... Continue Reading

Marketforce payments

I do many shops for Marketforce, primarily [i](a burger place and a super market)[/i]. I reside in South Florida. I was talking to my Daughter who lives in Long Island, NY and mentioned [i](the burger place)[/i] shops to her. To my surprise she said that the payment... Continue Reading

Prime Presentations, Himalayan Salt going out of business, refuse to pay

Over the holidays I did a demonstration for the above firms, who are now refusing to pay myself and many others regarding demonstration events, business proposals and merchandising in Sam's Club and other retailers. Please be aware of this, they are going out of business and are beyond legal action... Continue Reading

Discussion of pay rates

[quote=supersavvymommy] I'm the one who is taking the low-priced shops, and am not ashamed to admit it. I'm a single parent with 2 kids who have complex special needs. I started mystery shopping in November 2015 to provide for my family. Due to lack of income, I was three months behind... Continue Reading

GAPbuster VERY high payment???

Are you seeing particular assignments with a payment of $1000? tnx... Continue Reading

USPS Shop not paying

I did 4 USPS shops last week. When I completed the last one and looked at my receipt, I noticed the receipt showed I was shipping to Zone 0. The problem is the USPS zone charts online showed it was Zone 1. I immediately contacted the company with screen shots... Continue Reading

Misleading payout amount in email subject line? You be the judge.

I have done well over 100 shops for an MSC and have enjoyed a great working relationship with them over the past 8 years. I see from the forum that they are well respected by many of us. I noticed that in the past couple of years, a... Continue Reading

Cirrus Marketing Payment

So I have seen several posts on here about how Cirrus doesn't answer or doesn't pay, etc. But I have a question for any shoppers who may have forgotten to send an invoice in. I did several shops in Nov. 2015, and being that they were the first jobs that... Continue Reading

jmridgeway fast payment...

I did an apartment shop for them 2 days ago. In the description of the shop the scheduler said it'd pay in 2 days as long as I sent in a pay request. It was a decent bonus($65 total) so I went for it. I completed the shop... Continue Reading

NSS National Shopping Service now paying by Paypal..

Not sure if anyone already posted about this .....but I was happy to see NSS is paying by Paypal. :) You also have the choice of keeping it paper check....... Continue Reading

Paypal - I am impressed!

The amount of time it takes for Paypal to transfer funds to my bank account usually is 3-5 business days and they claim it may be longer. I received a payment this morning which I set up to transfer and the confirming email indicated I should have the funds... Continue Reading

That's a major pay cut!

That moment when the shopper guidelines for the testing center assignment still says, "It's as easy as 1-2-3 or shall I say $50?!" but the job is only paying $30. Whoops.... Continue Reading

missing TrendSource payment

Did any one else not get paid by TrendSource today. This has never happened before.... Continue Reading

Anyone get an extra Gapbuster payment?

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Did anyone get their promised early, end of year pay today?

I took a bunch of shops the last two weeks, based on the premise they would be paid on the 30th (PayPal or Direct Deposit, depending on the company). No payment received, either PP or DD, through 7 PM today. Anybody else get paid?... Continue Reading

Hotel shop only pictures says 2 hours time pays 20 bucks

Just received an email about a reveal shop for a hotel to take pictures of everything, says it will take at least 2 hours and pays 20 bucks, for me it is not worth it at all, it will take probably close to an hour to get the pictures organized... Continue Reading

Marketforce Canadian payments

I earned $28.10 last month. I always get direct deposit. For some reason, I got a cheque today for $28.10 US, which was $37.90 Canadian. That suits me fine. I wonder why they changed? I've gotten direct deposit for years.... Continue Reading

Sutter payments

Hey, Does anyone know if they pay fees in a lump sum or not at a later date? I did 4 jobs for them in October and gotten paid the reimbursement this past week for the 4..but not the small payment per job. I hadn't worked for them before. I... Continue Reading

Intellishop pay plus bonus?

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BMA payments

I stated picking up BMA shops through the isecretshop app. I did my first shop in November on the 3rd. I've made sure my documents are all there and I have been trying to figure out when I can expect to start getting paid. I don;t have a whole ... Continue Reading

Service Excellence Group late payment?

Has anyone received payment from SEG for this month or do payments appear to be delayed? I did just notice that payments from November forward will be paid by Intelli-Shop, so I'm wondering if those payments are maybe delayed as well...... Continue Reading

Is International Service Check late on payments?

I completed six shops with them during their last round of smartphone jobs that began November 1st. The fee structure stated that the shops would be paid out in 3-5 weeks. I have shops that are now six weeks overdue and the scheduler assigned to those overdue shops is not... Continue Reading

GFK paying me a "closed location" fee when the location wasn't closed....

On Friday I did a cell phone shop for GFK. The location was open. I opened the conversation with the sales associate using my given scenario and she told me that it was a prepaid phone store only, so she couldn't help me with contract renewal. I... Continue Reading


How many of you use the PayPal Mastercard to make purchases? I have decided to use it on shops where I know I will be reimbursed via PayPal (that way my balance will continue to remain constant). With 1% cash back, that's like another extra $2 in fees if I... Continue Reading

Rapid! Pay Card

Hey everyone...I got a Mastercard Rapid Paycard in the mail today and I am freaking out a bit since I didn't apply for anything. It's a legit debit card for payroll. So now I am wondering if one of the MS companies has switched to this as their... Continue Reading

Service Scouts - Still no payment for Sept shops

According to Service Scouts they mailed the cheque to me twice but I did not receive either time. I need to start pestering them weekly and demand a paypal payment instead of trying with a cheque for a third time. As Einstein once said " Insanity: doing the same... Continue Reading

Northfolk Payment Surprise - Merry Christmas to me!

Just checked my email and had payment notification from Northfolk and payment was posted early for all of November and December shops. Woohoo! Nice surprise right before Christmas. They are always like clockwork with payments and this just made my day.... Continue Reading

Hospitality Now--Payment Issues **Resolved**

I haven't seen much about this MSC on the forum. They are scheduled by CTCSS, and normally I don't have any issues with them, but I did a project at the end of September that was a multi-day route, heavily bonused, and have yet to see payment. The... Continue Reading

IPSOS Payment question

I was not reimbursed for a required purchase for pov. I was also not reimbursed for the cost of what I was there to do. (Hard to explain when you are trying not to give away the client) I'm sure 99 percent of you know anyhow. Anyone else have the... Continue Reading

Apartment shops do not pay enough

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel that certain companies are offering really, really low pay for apartment shops? Some are offered for a paltry $20 in my area, and those are TARGETED. Targeted shops take so much more effort. Combine the time required for... Continue Reading

Did my first shop with Zinier...they do 24 hours payouts!!

A friend of mine invited me to this mobile app based mystery shopping company called Zinier. And I have to say, being a regular with marketforce, bestmark and bare international, it was a huge change. They ping you over the phone, to let you know when a shop is available... Continue Reading

Confero November 25th pay

Has anyone had problems getting paid from Confero? On my shop log it says I was paid and I have no record of it in my bank or pay pal for the 25th. What is very odd is that my boyfriend did a shop the same day with me in... Continue Reading

HS Brands: where is my shop pay ?

Shop done in Sept. Major oil change company client. Still no pay. I am not alone.... Continue Reading

MSCs that pay mileage

What MSCs pay mileage? The only one I know of for sure is HC, but they only pay .36/mile, which is less than what the IRS allows. Since I am spending so much time in my car and am considering buying a hybrid because f the gas/mileage situation, I'm wondering... Continue Reading

Recourse for Non Payment RBG

I've been holding off on posting anything because I don't want to bash an MSC and I don't want them to despise me, but I'm not sure what else to do. I signed up for a hospitality assignment through Kern for RBG. The job listing and paperwork said... Continue Reading

Payment denied for no reason

I did a restaurant shop that required per instructions to purchase an entree, and a shareable or side item. I purchase the entree, the side item and a drink. 3 days later I get the email that I didn't follow instructions, that I should have ordered an appetizer.... Continue Reading

Very diasppointed with HS Brands Paying strategies!!

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Gapbuster payment tab

I'm glad they added that, rather than leaving us totally in the dark. I was looking to see if I could find any info about a shop I did on Oct. 14. It seems there are two options, paid or processing. Mine says processing. Is it deceptive? Is the payment... Continue Reading

Contacting Cirrus for payment

I did an apartment shop for Cirrus in August and 2 in September. I know that they aren't exactly prompt with payment, but at what point do I start trying to contact them? Anybody have a good contact phone number or email address or is it best to just go... Continue Reading

Should I report Ellis Property Management to the BBB for not paying shop that followed the instructions?

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Angry email from scheduler for shop completed today over receipt problem before I started with compay

I know that title makes no sense, but I did a shop today and just got an angry email from the scheduler (strangely not the scheduler I've worked with for these shops and she isn't listed on the contact info for them). She sent back my report telling me... Continue Reading

Sentry Marketing payment issue

I've been waiting on a payment from Sentry related to a couple shops I performed. I have been emailing back and forth with Dave @ Sentry and he indicated payment would be sent by today. So far I've heard nothing so I emailed again. The email returned indicating the email... Continue Reading

Seelevel/beyond hello payment for October

I got a paypal payment yesterday from seelevel for one of two shops in October. Earlier the usual foe BH which is nice. I was wondering if anyone else had been paid and if they were paying each shop individually? Too early to panic or anything, just wondering... Continue Reading

Sorry fellow shoppers, I took theses shops at such low pay

and contributed to the low pay they will probably remain at . . . but its hard to pass up a PRETZEL shop(s). Again I apologize.... Continue Reading

Have you ever requested a higher payment "after" a shop?

Many times, I have requested a higher payment before a shop when I knew the shop would take more time than it was worth. A couple of schedulers have usually agreed. One time, I requested an additional payment "after" a shop because of the complexity of the shop... Continue Reading

Question about paying a company to shop for them

I came across a company that wants me to pay $36 for admin fees (one time payment). Does anyone on here pay any companies to be a mystery shopper or do you avoid those? I haven't paid any company yet but wondering if the shops are better or... Continue Reading

Market Force delayed payments.

I just saw an update that direct deposits are delayed again. They were supposed to go out yesterday but maybe will go out today. This is the second time recently this had happened. MF has always been dependable. Should this be a cause for worry?... Continue Reading

Ipsos payment

Hi, Does anyone know when Ipsos usually send out their payment?... Continue Reading

Post Office Shop pay question

I did several post office shops last month and today I saw them on a pay statement but.....and I have emailed the scheduler already....they didn't have the reimbursement amount of up to $8.55 plus the fee as my pay. Instead they had only the $12 fee as... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections Payments for September Shops

I was just curious if anyone had received their September payment from Strategic Reflections yet. I did my first shop with them in September and I try to not do multiple shops for a company until I've been paid the first time. Their website lists the 27th-30th of the following... Continue Reading

Coyle Payment Discrepancy

Any one know the best contact for reaching Coyle Shopmetrics regarding a payment discrepancy? I've emailed the scheduler and the e-mail contact on the PayPal payment and have received a response.... Continue Reading

Coyle Requiring a Do-Over, Refusing to Pay

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Maritz Payment

I've only completed two shops with Maritz. One was completed in July and the other was in the beginning of August. I have yet to receive payment for either shop. I contacted them several days ago and haven't received a reply. I noticed on my profile it says I'm missing... Continue Reading

no pay because of a name... advice?

I'm currently going back and forth with the msc and have tried everything I can think of to resolve this. I did a shop where the employee name is an absolute requirement. The employee wasn't wearing a name tag, but introduced themselves to me before I needed to ask. (Great--got... Continue Reading

MSC Payment Statements and Records

I've only worked for 4 different MSC but i keep very busy with ms as well as anither business i run. I need to keep my accounting very clear. I would like to compare the way MSC provide their shoppers with information on their payment history. So far... Continue Reading

Patience Pays Off!

I'm squeezing in a shop tomorrow before my errands. Since it's last minute at the end of the month, there is a cash bonus for a normally reimbursement only shop. I will get a certain amount of gas and a coffee (I don't eat gas station food) for... Continue Reading

Callcenter Fast payout !!

Hello Mystery Shoppers, This is a Legit company paid in 5 days .I would advise everyone to do this (No Scam) Please check out here [i](link removed)[/i] [i] (Mod note: The link has been removed as this forum does not permit commercial links other than those posted on the Job Board by... Continue Reading

Paying for gas with Plenti

I'll call and ask tomorrow, but just in case someone has already inquired-- Anybody know if we can pay for our gas using Plenti points at E/M shops? I have a WHOLE lot of points from opening an account with AT&T and I'd like to use them up. If I... Continue Reading

North Fork payments

Hi Everyone, I'm fairly new at mystery shopping and I did some shops for North Fork Research. I can't find their payment dates on their website, does anyone know when it is? I know it's via PayPal, just don't know when. Thanks!... Continue Reading

Mystery Shop Companies that Pay direct deposit

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IPSOS: Are they now paying shoppers on time???

Have not worked lately for them and was wondering if there are still any payment problems as per some posts not so long ago. I am very interested in doing that bank shop that was highly recommended by my ms mentor Flash, or was it my other mentor Jacob???? This was... Continue Reading

Beware of GFK -Non Payment Issues -Refuses communication Unprofessional

I'm writing this post in an effort to inform those of you who are considering work with GFK. They are difficult to work for to say the least. They are unresponsive when it does not benefit them. They will scrutinize your work with the intention of denying payment. This is... Continue Reading

$35 Fee to Stop Payment on a Check

So, I haven't received a check that was supposedly mailed more than two weeks ago. In reading the company website, they will reissue the check, less a $35 fee. This is the first time I have not received a check. Is that a typical policy?... Continue Reading

Beyond Hello Payment but no shop score

I did a shop for them about four weeks ago and had noticed that they paid me but did not give me a shop score and this shop appears to be still in the submitted mode. Any thoughts?... Continue Reading

Fastest shop pay ever, from GFK

One of the reasons I continue to shop for GFK is their faster-than-typical payment schedule. But this week I was amazed. Did a shop on Monday and was paid on Friday! It was a more involved and longer-than-it-initially-appeared shop, too, so I was very glad for the fast payment. Thank... Continue Reading payment question

Have any of you worked for a company yet that insists on paying through I've never heard of it until today, when I just accepted my first job with Sentry. I created the account. How does this work? How do I pull my money out of... Continue Reading

Coyle August payments

I have not yet been paid by Coyle, and after one response from Lauren, I have not heard anything further. Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks... Continue Reading

NSS payment

Has anyone received their check yet this month? Mine is usually here by the 7th and nothing. ....... Continue Reading

(First post) - Best paying shops without soul-sucking reports

This is my first post but I've lurked on the forum for a while now. I've been mystery shopping for almost 4 years now, I'm signed up with around 40 different MSCs, but regularly only do 10 to 15 a month (mostly food shops). I'm not trying to... Continue Reading

Payment through Paypal

When I started signing up with different MSC, I avoided all of those who would only pay through paypay. Accepting to be paid only by direct deposit or cheque. I don't use PayPal or even buy anything online. However I've noticed an MSC who pays only through PayPal that has... Continue Reading

ACL and ath Power Payments for August??

I did a huge # of shops in August for a bunch of MSCs. Everyone's paid except these two. ACL states checks being mailed on 9/28 but haven't received anything. I have no idea when ath power pay schedule is. I've been paid for one shop which seemed... Continue Reading

Points Panel: awesome android app that pays you for allowing them to monitor internet usage

awesome app (blue and white logo)...monitors internet activity and pays for the information... passive running dont have to do anything just download it... you can get it on your computer (mac and pc) as well as your, android phone/tablet... ten points for the first 15 days per device twenty... Continue Reading

Shopmetrics - "Pay Rate" vs. "Assignment Fee"

I have a job for an MSC that I've never worked for sitting in my Shopmetrics inbox. The "pay rate" is listed as $88. The "assignment fee" says "This assignment pays $11, which includes reimbursement for a small purchase." What am I getting paid for this shop?... Continue Reading

Is there no limit to Intellishop's cheapness? New $15 payday loans

They "desperately need my help" -- as long as I don't mind getting paid $15 to put my personal information and credit on the line, in a shop in a dangerous neighborhood. Intellishop is on a fast race to the bottom. Good luck on getting shoppers for this one, Intellishop.... Continue Reading

Ace Express: Payday Loan Shop takes 75% reduction in pay

Did anyone else notice the new fee for these shops? They switched MSC's and the new company has reduced the fee from $60 to $15. At the old company I almost always waited for there to be a bonus, and the total pay was often $80 or $100... Continue Reading

Gapbuster Payments Lately

According to the list here, Gapbuster pays on the 27th of the month. I couldn't make my banking info fit into their form as I use an online bank, so I chose Paypal. It's the only assignment I've done for them and it was done before the end... Continue Reading

How does Ardent pay? Do they pay every month?

I recently did my first burrito shop for them. Do they pay via Paypal, or Direct Deposit?... Continue Reading

Consumer Insight Payment

Has everyone/anyone received their September 24th payment this month? My past payments have come earlier than the 24th and today is the 25th and I haven't yet received it. I really couldn't find an email to contact regarding this except an admin. If anyone knows exactly who... Continue Reading

Sentry Marketing Payment

I did a SM shop on July 15. I was told that it took about 60 days for payment and then a additional 5 days or so. As of Sept 25 I have not received my payment. Will I be pay by check or Pay Pal. I checked the... Continue Reading

Shop Pay not always equal to report difficulty...

I'm noticing more and more that the pay offered for a shop is NOT always indicative of the difficulty in reporting the shop... Logically, a $3 shop should have 6-12 questions with little to no narrative. A $10-12 shop maybe 30-60 questions with some short answers. A $20-40 shop... Continue Reading

Intellishop Payment Issue

Hello All. I performed a shop for Intellishop back in May and have not been paid. According to the scheduler, I was paid. I know I have not as it is not showing as paid on the shop log and I have a spreadsheet that tracks when payment comes in.... Continue Reading

Business Observations Payment Schedule

Good morning out there! Can someone tell me when and how Business Observations sends payment for completed jobs? I cannot find any means to contact them about a video shop I completed on 7/22/2015 and have not been paid for.... Continue Reading

Bare International Payment

Does anyone have an email address I could contact about payment for completed assignments for bare international?... Continue Reading

Advanced Feedback - pay schedule?

Does anyone know when Advanced Feedback pays? I've checked the master list and don't see them listed there.... Continue Reading

Beyond Hello September Payments

Have y'all received payments for this month? I know they tend to pay around the 15th.... Continue Reading

Non Payment

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Strategic Evaluations - whats up with them paying?

I know they use to be Consumer Connection who still owes me money. Is that class action suit still an interest to posters here? Strategic Evaluations seemed to have different peeps at the top of the chain and had paid me okay before, but now... Does anyone know - I've... Continue Reading


Any reason I should be leary of this company? I only have one MSC paying via this instead of Paypal.... Continue Reading

Market Force Pay

Hi everyone!! It's been awhile since I posted. I had to take a few months off due to unforeseen family emergencies. Now that I'm getting back on the wagon, I noticed that the shops I previously completed for MF have dropped in pay. I was surprised to see the dollar... Continue Reading

Intellishop Cuts Pay Rates Again

After just skimming over the Intellishop job board, I was very surprised that they took the already-low $17 fee for their on-site-visit shops down to a cheap, terrible $10. These shops are time consuming and force you to deal with some of the most dishonest, vulture-like, advantage-taking salespeople I've ever experienced.... Continue Reading

MarketForce - Direct Deposit Payments for US Shoppers

I actually received my full payment yesterday, September 11th. Is anyone missing their MF payment? "Message Posted on Shopper Portal 09/11/2015 Direct Deposit Payments for US Shoppers On Thursday, September 10th, we sent the payment files to our bank and received confirmation back they were received. This morning we were informed... Continue Reading

Coyle Contact for correct payment

I recently completed a shop for Coyle Shopmetrics where the scheduler/ Director of Operations offered a higher fee via email to complete the shop before the end of the month for a client. I agreed and completed the shop, but my payment history only has the original (lower) fee approved.... Continue Reading


I was reading a lot of negative posts on mystery shop forum the other day concerning non paid shops. I know your frustrated because you're not getting paid for all the hard work you did, but negative forum doesn't benefit anyone. First, come together as a collective group and make... Continue Reading

Incentive pay

I am finding out that Maritz and Market Force seem to be getting cheaper and difficult to get depending on the team or the scheduler you have to talk with. I Email Maritz with routes that have long distances (1400 miles) 24shops and put in hotels that I have... Continue Reading

ATH POWER: Eligibilty for the higher pay shops??

How many lower paying bank shops must be completed before they will give you one of the larger pay shops??... Continue Reading

If I deliver an unsuccessful and am refused payment...

how do I know that it was, in fact, a very good report, accepted by the client and payment for service just kept by the MS company without paying me?... Continue Reading

Do all mystery shops pay the same in every state?

A Western Union shop in California pays $20. Would it also pay $20 in any other state? Carls Jr in California pays $9, would one in any other state also pay $9? The price of gas in California, is much higher than other states and this cuts into profits.... Continue Reading

$15 Pay Out and $8 Reimbursment for a Mystery Shop ( Restaurant) in Flatwoods, WV, through Sinclair Customer Metrics

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$15 Pay Out and $8 Reimbursment for a Mystery Shop ( Restaurant) in Flatwoods, WV, through Sinclair Customer Metrics

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Hardee's / Carl's Junior- Boy the shop has changed: More stuff to do- But (SUPRISE!) no more pay for doing more stuff. Only thier slimey TV commercials are worse.

Ahhhh well - this previously simple shop now has a lot more to observe. My old print out report of 1 page is now a full 2 pages. You DO get a $1 more for food allowance (but no fee increase.) For example, the "Drive Thru Dinner" shop-... Continue Reading

GFK - Late Payment

Anyone else having issues with payment from GfK? I haven't gotten paid by them in a couple of weeks, and the last shop I was paid for was performed on July 25th. I love their fast pay, but I now have shops that were performed 3 weeks ago that I... Continue Reading

Integrity Consultants: Payment & Social Media Policies

Hello, folks. I became aware of a couple threads on the forum referencing our company, so I wanted to address a couple of items. Firstly, this is just simply not a forum I visit often, so in regard to communication with the company, this is not a good place to... Continue Reading

Service Scouts payment

Anyone have a problem with them paying you? I am not new to mystery shopping but I feel like i should have gotten payment by now. Did the shop in June. Thy process checks at the end of July.... Continue Reading

Payday Loan "Special Shop"

This is a payday loan for same company I've been doing them for over the past couple years. This one states that it is a "Special Shop" and then goes on to tell you to NOT take anything with you other than a pre-printed check and your government ID.... Continue Reading

Beyond Hello: Payment Schedule

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Payday loan shops now require a smart phone?

I have not done one in a while. One of the questions that needs to be answered correctly in order to assign yourself the shop now is about needing to have a smart phone or tablet to show a "soft" copy of your pay stub and bank account statement. Evidently... Continue Reading

No responses or payments.

I have had the hardest time trying to get anyone from Sentury Marketing to respond to me by email or phone. I've done several jobs and so far no money has been sent my way. Not sure I would accept any work from these people; I know I never will... Continue Reading

A Closer Look wants people to video shop a restaurant for only reimbursement and no pay

I had to double take when I saw this. ACL mystery shops a local chain of casual dining restaurants here in New York, and they rarely provide payment or even reimbursement that covers all of the required purchase options. This chain of restaurants has also had some pretty scummy mystery... Continue Reading

FF shops with $20 pay

There are about 6 FF shops within driving distance of me with a pay of $20 plus reimbursement. These shops require WI and DT purchases. If I go down the list a bit there are shops that only pay $7.50 but are in different areas. Am I correct... Continue Reading

Test Shops For No Pay - Worth It?

I've been expanding the roster of companies I work with lately because I'd like start traveling and doing routes more. Several of the companies have emailed me back and want me to complete a test shop that I won't be paid for. I haven't done something like that before and... Continue Reading

Distance Pay

Can anyone tell me what the norm is for calculating distance pay for mileage?... Continue Reading

Sellers Inv ACH payment

I am pretty new to mystery shopping and currently using excel to track shops and when I receive payments. I recently received an ACH payment from "Sellers Inv" and the total looks like it's for multiple shops, but I can't get anything to match up. Does anyone know... Continue Reading

Clarification of payment for steakhouse shop

The mystery shop is at a steakhouse. It say it pays up to $35 for your meal but does that also pay up to $35 for each person I take with me, I can take up to 3 people.... Continue Reading

Companies with Hotel Shops? Most Pay for long assignments?

I'm curious what companies provide the most pay/reimbursement for a long complicated shop (usually). I used to do a shop which paid $550 (but no reimbursements) for an overnight stay and loved it. Are there any more like that? Thanks! I'm willing to travel.... Continue Reading

Hilli Dunlap Enteprises (HDE) aka DL Dunlap Enterprises doesn't pay up

Completed two shop within a day for this company at the end of April. Got paid for one of the shops at the end of June. Still haven't been paid for the other shop and it's going on 90 days since the shop was submitted and accepted. Funny how this... Continue Reading

About Face pay cycle

I performed a shop for About Face on May 5th. The invoice available on the website said that the pay period closed on June 7th. I have not received payment yet, and yes I have verified my paypal address is correct. The only payment info I can find for them says... Continue Reading

Your Favorite Compay

So, I was looking over the forum and I thought it might be helpful to hear what some peoples Top 3 favorite companies to work for are. Mine are 1. Intellishop, 2. Stericycle, 3. Beyond Hello... Continue Reading

How do I match up Payments with Jobs from MaritzCX

I am new to all this and I have started doing some work for MaritzCX. I got a check the other day and it has a job number on it, but when I look at my completed shops on their website, it only shows jobs from the last 14... Continue Reading

Marketforce payment

Good morning. Has anyone been paid by Marketforce for jobs completed in June? I have only been shopping with them for a few months but have noticed they paid before the 10th for the last two months and this month I haven't been paid as of yet. I also noticed... Continue Reading

Locations in Airports---What are the reasons they typically pay more?

One pattern I've noticed is that locations in airports often pay about 25% more than other local locations in the same chain. This could be to accommodate parking costs, but parking can be expensive in other parts of the area, as well, and not all shoppers actually park vehicles while... Continue Reading

Is this for real? BOA shop pay $65 What's the catch?

I have applied for a checking account opening shop. To open the account requires a deposit of $25 min. The MSC said they will pay $65 for opening a checking account. No other details/guidelines are given. So I'm suppose to go to the bank, open a checking account with a... Continue Reading

ath Payment

Has anyone been paid by ath this morning?... Continue Reading

Reality Based Withdrawing Money Then Paying

I checked my bank account this morning, expecting to see a few payments in there. All the payments were in there, but my balance was a lot less than it should have been. In my account activity, it looks like Reality Based Group withdrew the amount of the payment, then... Continue Reading

Payment from GFK

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Shared Insight Payment Late?

Hi All - I've been getting Shared Insight payments to my paypal account somewhere between the 20th and 30th no problem. This time the payment is listed on the Shared Insight website as being made Jun 20, but nothing has arrived in my paypal account. I've changed nothing at paypal... Continue Reading

Start to Raise the Pay on the Arches' Shops

Does anyone know when the MSC starts to raise the shop pay from $7.50? How far into the period? How long do they have to sit on the list? Any info would be great.... Continue Reading

Advice Needed on Best Way to set up a Payment Account in order to keep track of expenditures/get paid for shops?

Totally bewildered about how I set up a payment account to receive electronic deposits vs. paper checks which require a service fee monthly (?). I'm setting up my business by using an Excel spreadsheet, as was suggested in a post I found in this site. I was... Continue Reading

Please explain how PayPal works

I have avoided all MSCs that only pay by PayPal. I know that eliminates quite a few. I have reconsidered. How does PayPal work? Do you get assessed a fee for the MSC paying by PayPal? Please let me know. Thanks.... Continue Reading

Mystery Researchers Delayed Payment message.

I don't know if this has happen to anyone else. I received partial payment for some of my jobs. I contacted the scheduler for two jobs that I was not paid and this was the message I received from her. So far no payment. Shopper payments have been... Continue Reading

Cirrus Marketing - When Do They Pay?!

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$125 Payout for Audits

The e-mail subject line: "Are you avalable to work this weekend? $125 payout for audits" The body of the e-mail says: "Can you complete a {company} audit today or tomorrow morning? Payout for total of 3 is $55 TOTAL" This type of e-mail is my pet peeve. This is a legitimate... Continue Reading

Ipoll payment

How long is it taking to get payment from these folks? I have stuff pending since June 6!... Continue Reading

I Was a Victim of Pay It Forward!

Today I go out to do a lunch shop at one of the local restaurants. Just sitting there, minding my own business and eating my lunch. When I was done and it was time to get a bill, my server came and told me someone had paid for my... Continue Reading

Duplicate payment email...send us money back...anyone get this one?

Got an email looks like it is from my MSC that says they accidentally paid me double. Would I please send them the duplicate payment back. No details, no dollar amount, no reference do these folks stay in business? Okay, I will first check my records and then call... Continue Reading

Mystery Researchers Double Payment

Just a heads-up, I received a double payment for a $15 dollar shop i did for BH. I received an email this morning at like 3am notifying me, and asking me to refund it. It's super easy to refund in PayPal, so no biggie. Hope it wasn't too big of... Continue Reading


I am getting fed up with the payment policies of mystery shopping companies, It should not take two months for payment to be rendered on a shop. Are their any companies that render payment quickly?... Continue Reading

How does Strategic Reflections pay

I finally completed shops for Strategic, I see that the shops have been approved for pay but I don't know how I receive payment. It says something about putting on my pay statement. I cannot find any contact information to provide this information.... Continue Reading

Got really sick during shop. Now they wont pay me

just want to know what others think for i hire a lawer. i did a shop for a big compani and order a big burger with cheese, med fries and med drink. i threw up at my table and now they say the mgr saw the video n told... Continue Reading

Pay Pal User Agreement changes July 1, 2015

Has anyone noticed the new user agreement? Continue Reading

Frustrated at assignment with long guidelines and low pay

I'm kind of a new MS. I started in October of last year but I've only been doing this as a side job, tho I'm trying to make it a real business. Anyway, I felt really frustrated as I went over the guidelines for a gas station shop for Maritz. There... Continue Reading

Distance Pay

Is there a set amount that shops pay for distance pay. I just requested 5.00 each for two shops that are in the vicinity of another shop that I am going to shop. I am hoping I can receive 10.00 for traveling out of my way to complete this shops.... Continue Reading

Jancyn Shop Completion and Payment Questions

Null... Continue Reading

Which companies pay by Direct Deposit?

I vaguely remember when signing up for a couple companies , I had the option to enroll in direct deposit. I was just wondering if anyone knew a couple companies, or knew where I could find a list of MSC that offers direct deposit. Thank you guys in advance !... Continue Reading

How to request distance pay from Trendsource?

There are two jobs on Trendsource that are out of the way for me, but I would perform them given sufficient incentive. How do I request distance pay from them?... Continue Reading

HS Brand / Service Sleuth Payments

Sorry for posting another thread but I can't find the old thread regarding payment issues. Has anyone had late payments lately? Initially I was being paid on time but last month, pay that was to be issued was delayed by 11 days. I've received payment for some shops then received the... Continue Reading

Is Cirrus Marketing faithful with their payments?

Is Cirrus Marketing faithful with their payments? I've worked with them for three months now, but am still awaiting payments. I've heard that they may take as long as six months to pay. Has anyone not received payments from them? Or do they just take a long time? I've sent them an invoice... Continue Reading


Rookie mistake. Do most companies allow you to use paypal?... Continue Reading

Payment for Sentry Marketing

Sentry Marketing pays by check (ACH or eCheck), they are encouraging the eCheck and I received an email to sign up for their system. Do I need to create an invoice to send to them via this system? Does anyone have experience with Sentry that can provide some... Continue Reading

GFK Payment

I have done three successful shops for GFK in the past month. The stickied post about when companies pay puts GFK at 10 days from shop acceptance. I am far over ten days from when the first shop was accepted. Is the stickied post out of date or am I... Continue Reading

PayPal new user agreement - required arbitration

I've received a request from PayPal to sign a new user agreement, effective July 1. It is legit; you can sign into your account and click "legal" at the bottom of the page to see the info. The agreement requires disputes to be resolved "exclusively through final and binding arbitration,... Continue Reading

EPMS Pay date.

I see on the MSC payment dates post that EPMS pays on the 22nd. So if I completed a job for them last week on the 15th, should I expect payment today? or ext month on the 22nd? And what time to they tend to deposit money?... Continue Reading

Do they pay in 6 -8 weeks?

Wondered what their payment schedule is like. Do they pay in 6 -8 weeks?... Continue Reading

NSS - April Payment

Has anyone received their April payment for March shops from NSS? My log says that a check was mailed on May 6, 2015 but I still have not received it as of today (May 18th.)... Continue Reading

Late payment from Consumer Connection

I did 3 shops in March this year for them. I am supposed to be paid all 3 at the end of April but till today, I only got payment for 2. They are all the same casual dining shops for the same client. I emailed the scheduler about it.... Continue Reading

Mystery-Shoppers payment

I completed two of the jewelry shops in March. It is now 67 and 68 days past, with no payment. The job board shows "Payment Pending" and has for about 3 1/2 weeks. Their FAQ says they cut a check the end of the month following the shop, so I... Continue Reading

Shoppers' View Payments

I received an email from Moorings Consulting, LLC DBA Shoppers' View via PayPal It said I needed to clam my money for some shops I have done. The amount is correct but when I "claim" it it does not show up in my paypal account. Is this an error... Continue Reading

Bare payment

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Pay Pal

I am a new shopper. Many of the companies that I am interested in signing up with require an active PayPal account. I know absolutely nothing about PayPal. Can anyone give me some insight into what it is, how to sign-up and how much receiving payments through... Continue Reading

PayDay Loans - Why don't more people do them?

Pay day loans at a certain large mystery shopping company pay very well. I normally get $75-$100 each time. (they start at $45 but I wait until they go up in price.) But it seems that NO ONE wants to do them- they are easy, quick and pay well. I... Continue Reading

Who Pays the Best and Fastest? Your Opinions, Pls!

I started being a mystery shopper about a month ago and am trying to figure out who I want to work for the most. I'm with Intelli-Shop, Bare International, Mercantile Systems, Cirrus, Bestmark and Beyond Hello. I'm in shock that Cirrus waits 4 months to pay but... Continue Reading

National Shopping Service late payment??

Did anyone else not get paid for Feb?? I just added up and they owe me 98.00 for Feb. It shows My March check is going to be for $157.00 which is Feb and March combined... I dont shop a lot for them anymore... I got my Dec and Jan... Continue Reading

ACE and PayQuicker

I was THRILLED to read the email that said that ACE will now be offering direct deposit. No more PayQuicker!... Continue Reading

Shoppers Critique payment??

Anyone know when this company usually pays??? I couldnt seem to find it anywhere on the website... Continue Reading

Service Check payment

i completed a shop for them in March and recently received an email telling me that I had been paid. The email had a message that read "Claim Money" which led to the PayPal site. Once at that site, I was instructed to enter my ID and password. Something didn't... Continue Reading

Non Pay

Sometimes we don't get paid because the client wants to play hardball, not the MSP. It took me a few shops and burned bridges to figure this out. On some bank shops I did for one company, I had a bad time with one group of shops, told... Continue Reading

What is your take on verifying Pay Per View sporting events?

Some time ago a forum member mentioned having performed a shop where it entailed going to locations to verify that pay per view events had not been paid for. Was that you? What did you think about doing them?... Continue Reading


Is Ace the only company using this? Is it legit? I just don't like the idea. The shop seems simple, but I am reluctant to take it because of PayQuicker. Thoughts, friends?... Continue Reading

Payment for assignments completed for Grass Roots

I am aware that Grass Roots is no longer operating - as of 3/15. I have not received payment (VISA reloadable card) for assignment completed in March. Have other shoppers been paid? I attempted to phone listed phone number - with no success - cannot reach... Continue Reading

Does Data Quest pay on time?

I did some shops for data quest in mid-February. I thought they took up to 60 days to pay. It is just past the 60 day point and I don't see anything with my shops that payment has been sent like most shops do. I am also signed up to... Continue Reading

Is Bestmark known for low pay and inconsistency?

I've read mostly negative things about this company. The pay is never described as good. Their shop guidelines are threatening and negative. Their schedulers and staff are inconsistent. They don't seem to value their shoppers.... Continue Reading

PayQuicker dinged me for a dormant account.

They dinged me $5.00! I didn't have that much in the account but I was surprised that they did that. Does anyone know if PayPal does this?... Continue Reading

not sure what to do about bare payment

So I need advice about bare international. I received the email about my payment coming and my payment is 0.65 short. I dont know if I should say anything because I mean its 0.65 and I understand that stuff happens within payroll, on the other hand I dont want... Continue Reading

Payment Processing Time is here... some inside info. from Bare's Office Manager

Hello wonderful forum members :) Tabitha from Bare International here, it is that wonderful time of the month again.... Payment Processing Time. This is the time when we begin processing payments to our loyal and hard worker shoppers. This is also a time for a great many questions to pop up... Continue Reading

I'm seeing shops asking for more work, but not much more pay

I did a tire shop for $10. I'm now seeing them asking you to do 2 different tire shops, to compare prices, but no increase in pay. I've seen fast food shops where they only want pictures of the menu board for $5. I now see the same shops asking... Continue Reading

PayPal Debit Card

Does anyone use this instead of transferring the cash to your bank account? If so, any opinions? Thanks.... Continue Reading

Scary PayPal Scam Letter...

This one has to the worst scam letters I've ever seen. This one wanted everything: Paypal banking information, 3 pin code on the back of your card, credit card number, card exp., full bank information, full address, bank linked to paypal, social security, mother's maiden name, routing number, account number,... Continue Reading

ACE and PayQuicker

I recently noticed that I had not been paid for a shop I completed in February and I contacted ACE. I was told that they use PayQuicker and that I should have received an email from them about how to set up an account and get my money. ... Continue Reading

Strategic Reflections payment

Has anyone heard from them about payment on February shops? I called and was told they usually mailed out checks on the 9th but I haven't seen an email that usually tells me. I find them to be easy shops but I dislike how they don't like telling you when... Continue Reading

MarketForce Payment

Has anyone been paid this month for March shops? It's not showing on the site for me. This is the first shops I have done for them this year. Thanks... Continue Reading

WOW a public transportation shop that pays 20.00 per hour

Has anyone done on of this shop? It pays $20.00 per hour + reimbursment. You ride to a location and back.... Continue Reading

It seems payments for shops are dropping.

Last month I did several Western Union shops for $20 each, now they are only paying $12. I did a tire shop for $9, now they want you to do 2 tire shops for $9. I won't do these shops at these prices, not worth it.... Continue Reading

Maritz payment

Sorry if this has already been posted (I couldn't find anything recent). I completed three different shops for Maritz (assigned through KSS) back at the end of February, and I haven't received payment yet. According to their website I should have been paid sometime around the 15th of... Continue Reading

Beyond Hello changed pay After shop completion?

Does anyone have a number or email to reach Beyond Hello accounting or some similar department? I have one "received" shop in my log where the total pay for it was changed to $0.00. I'm assuming it's an error because no one has contacted me about it. I tried to email... Continue Reading

Receipt survey ABC Liquors $2 payment

I almost got into an accident with a golf cart in the parking lot of an ABC Liquor store that is within a block of a golf course. It's illegal for them to drive the cart on the road for a block and to park in the liquor store lot... Continue Reading

Trendsource Project Pay Ranges

I recently signed up with Trendsource and have been looking at the job listings. There are a lot of Grocery Shops in my area, and the pay range is $10-$15 . I am a little perplexed by this pay range thing. How do I request $15 and not $10 for... Continue Reading

Pay for shops cut in 2015

Did anyone notice that several companies have cut their pay for shops? I now see bank shops that used to pay $25 going for $15 and cell phone shops paying $10 when they used to pay $15. Disgusting behavior by these companies. Shows how much they appreciate our work. NOT!... Continue Reading

Beware of Companies Paying with Gift Cards - Be very careful

I did a restaurant shop and got "paid" with two gift cards. This week I received an email from the shopping company to say that the gift cards have expiration dates. I hadn't noticed that they had and was horrified to think that my "payment" could expire soon.... Continue Reading

Why would I pay to become a Mystery Shopper?

So many others may know about this but it was a new twist for me. I found an opportunity to sign up as a mystery shopper and once I did I was offered better opportunities for shops by becoming a "gold" member. BUT, the twist is they want... Continue Reading

Which companies pay by check?

I am looking for any mystery shops that pay by direct deposit or by a check.... Continue Reading

NWLPC Payments?

I just looked up payment terms for NWLPC. They say that they pay on the 20th of the month following the shop date. I just looked and I have shops from December, January and February that I have not been paid for. Has anyone else had this issue? ... Continue Reading

Bare Payment methods

I filled out direct deposit and paypal information when I signed up with Bare and have been patiently waiting for last months jewelry shops to be paid out. I got the invoice showing what all three added up to (and panicked as it was USD and didn't specify). ... Continue Reading

Bare International Non-Payment

I can not locate a good e-mail for Bare International accounting department. They owe me six payments since January and I can not get a response. I received 9,10's on my reports. Any suggestions on how to get paid? I shop for several companies and this is my first payment... Continue Reading

Mintel is paying my bills?!

I got an email from Mintel offering to pay my internet bill as long as I had service through a specific company, which I do. I filled out a quick survey, and figured I wouldn't hear anything back. I just got an email saying all I have to do is... Continue Reading

Kern/Presto pay discrepancy

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Service Sleuth Dec pay

Is anyone still waiting on theirs? I have yet to be paid. I try to be understanding, but after changing the expected pay date twice and then still not receiving payment, I start to get just a little bit frustrated.... Continue Reading

Dataquest Payment

Has anyone received checks for January shops yet?... Continue Reading

what companies pay quickly?

I am a agent that is in need of quick cash due to a family emergency,can anyone please provide me with !any company names and approximated time of pay. thanks tons!!!... Continue Reading

ACE January payments

Since I'm in Canada they pay by check now. I think they still use PayQuacker in the US. Does anyone know when the January payments will be sent? I've emailed them but have not heard back yet. Last month they sent emails when the checks were... Continue Reading


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I've worked with Frontline Focus (Indonesia) since 2010. That time, the payment for this month visit will be paid on 25th of the next month, but since 2012, the payment delayed to 25th next 2 months or even until beginning of the third month. But still I had confidence that... Continue Reading

Beyond Hello Pay Schedule?

I just started working for them last month after learning that Mystery Researchers had merged with them. Can anyone tell me what their pay schedule is? Do they pay on a certain date for shops completed in the previous month? I remember that Mystery Researchers was very... Continue Reading

waiting to long for payment

I did a seven day mystery shop for I did the shops in January and was told i would be paid the end of Febuary it is going into the second week of March and i still have not been paid. Has anyone out there ever worked for this... Continue Reading

Pay it forward

I was doing a fast-food shop today. When I got to the window the Associate cheerfully announced that the person in the car ahead of me had paid for my order! Half of me is grateful and the other half is thinking, "How the hell am I going to work... Continue Reading


I have been shopping for about 2 years now and whenever companies send me email asking me to switch to direct depositing....I say sure.....PAYPAL is the way to go. Yes, I know that I can submit a routing number and such and get it directly to my bank account..but I... Continue Reading

Pinnacle Payment

They're not too late but it seems to me they're later than usual with my pay for recent shops. Has anyone else noticed this? Haven't been paid for shops on 1/27 yet. I seem to always get their payments within a month.... Continue Reading

Fast food shops returned, closed stores reducing payment

Ive done 8 fast food shops. 5 of the places were closed. My shops were excepted then Of course I didn't get the $1 reimbursement (rightfully) But after a few days I noticed my $5 was reduced to $3 because they were closed permanently. Has anyone else had this happen?... Continue Reading

second to none payment question

I did a few high paying jobs with second to none, saturday the 28th but It says my reports are still processing, so will I get paid for those shops still in march for having completed them in February? Or since they are still in processing will I not see... Continue Reading

Harland Clarke Pay Schedule

I did my first shop with them at the very end of January. I thought I read in the email they sent that pay is mailed out 2-3 weeks after the shop. Haven't received it yet...not too worried, but just thought I'd check here to see what's typical... Continue Reading

Thank you for being honest about your frustration with the denied payment.

That was the beginning of a recent email regarding an email about corrections that I had sent in four days late. Here's the email I sent: > NAME, I completely understand about no payments for late submissions. However, I am a little miffed at this. > I received the notice... Continue Reading

Sutter Marketing payments?

Anyone know when sutter marketing pays? I cant seem to figure that out or find their FAQ's on the website. Thanks!... Continue Reading


FYI Last fall, PayQuicker decided to charge a $5 Dormant Fee. Ace will not reimburse. Cancelling a PayQuicker account is not easy. Cancelling involves calling the company, sending an email, or chatting online.... Continue Reading

BEWARE of this company and SCHEDULER that wants you to take a drug test out of your pocket and they'll pay it back after two shops!!

At the end of the year I felt it would be okay to do one of these big electronic store audits, because it said 4-7 hours for $80-100. I figured I'd give it a go because I didn't have to lay out the money and commit to the two before... Continue Reading

It Took Under Two Hours for Payment Problem Resolution

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Bare payment?

Has anyone received their BARE direct deposit yet? I received the email saying that my payment had been processed and to wait a few business days but haven't received my deposit yet. I know of one other evaluator who got hers on Saturday but I'm still waiting. Just mostly curious.... Continue Reading

1099's and Paypal I was vaguely aware of this for the last couple of years but never translated it into what it meant for us here until I had a tax client who pays all of her subcontractors through Paypal and asked me to 1099 them and I realized we didn't have to. If... Continue Reading

Lost my paycheck (I know, I know...) - can anything be done?

I was so excited to receive my first physical paycheck after completing many shops (having already received some in direct deposit and paypal form) that I set my check aside to be deposited later. Mistake, and I even knew it at the time! I've looked everywhere and it's nowhere to... Continue Reading

Customer Experience Experts- Lightning Fast Pay!

I just started doing assignments for this MSC, super easy assignments BTW, and I cannot believe how quickly I was paid-less than 2 weeks!! OUTSTANDING!... Continue Reading

payment date question

I see there is a post about payment dates Intellishop is listed as the 20th through paypal. I just logged in and my shops say "paid on Feb 6" but there is nothing on my paypal. Can anyone clarify? I'm sure it'scoming,... Continue Reading

Pay problems with Bare International!

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Coyle Hospitality pay issue resolved...

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TNS nopay

A couple of years ago I accepted a dog food shop from TNS. It was in Cody, WY, a 110 mile round trip but the pay was good. I did the shop, reported in a timely manner and had the answers to all the questions. I checked the... Continue Reading

Pay with Loving

Has anybody witnessed the new McDonald's "Pay with Loving" campaign? Customers are randomly selected when they place an order. They are given an "assignment" and their food order is no charge after they complete the assignment. One female customer was asked to line dance with the counter... Continue Reading

Superior Product Pickup Pay Schedule

I am in my 2nd month of doing the audits. As I'm sloggimng thru this month's audit, wondering when I will be paid for last months'? Any ideas- and anyone else doing the audits every month? I haven't actually done any 'pickups' yet. Thanks... Continue Reading

Pay Quicker

I am into ending my first month as a MS. I am really enjoying myself, well, I could do without the narratives. I came across a MSC that uses Pay Quicker. I have searched in here about Pay Quicker. I have not found anything. How many MSC's use this? Do... Continue Reading

New Year, Same Low Pay

The minimum wage has been raised how many times? Cost of living have gone sky high. Yet mystery shopping pay remains the same. There is one coffee chain that offers the same $11.50 including the expense for $4.00 to $4.50 lattes and fancy cappuccinos. It is $11.50... Continue Reading

MSC pay history

Hello, I'm new to MS and new to this forum. I'm looking for informtion on where I can find pay history on each of my personal MSC page. I know that Marketforce has a pay history page but I can't find it on any other MSC sites. Thanks to anyone who... Continue Reading

Pay Rate: 0.00 USD

I won't name the MSC. Apartment shopping is paying more than ever! I'm sure this job has been snatched up already. It looks like the scheduler just forgot to enter the shop amount and blasted the email. [QUOTE] Apartment Community Telephone/Onsite Combo Mystery Shop Due: 01/18/2015 12:00 AM | Pay Rate: 0.00 USD |... Continue Reading

BMA Payment

I asked this on 12/29 in the stickied MSC payment dates thread but have not received any answers. It's been 70 days now since I've received a payment from them. Did their payment due dates change? I've e-mailed them twice and have not received a reply. I'm going to try... Continue Reading

Service Sleuth Payment Question

I just started shopping for Service Sleuth this fall. They say payments are made after 60 days from the last day of the month the shop was completed. I am fine with that. However, I have still not been paid for two shops I completed in October.... Continue Reading

Intellishop Bank Payday loan

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has done any of these shops before? Are the reports long with a lot of narrative? How much would you do them for? I would really appreciate any advice from experienced shoppers. Thank you for your time!... Continue Reading

MSC payment? American Express prepaid card

I received a $15 American Express Prepaid Reward card in the mail. It is completely devoid of any information at all. I have no clue what it's for. I can't match it up to a MSC company on my spreadsheet and don't know what else it could be from. It came from: Customer... Continue Reading

"Expected" Payment

For those of you who have worked in other fields as I have that would pay more if they had the same tasks that we do for mystery shopping, please comment with (a) type of shop, and (b) what you think this other industry would offer to go a few... Continue Reading

Anyone else have ACE not pay in December?

I was just sorting through all my shops from November, and noticed that ACE hasn't paid... anyone else notice this?... Continue Reading

Ipsos Payment from September Shop

Edit: I contacted someone else and was paid promptly for this shop. (1/8/15) I completed a shop for Ipsos on September 11th and have yet to receive payment. I emailed Dolores about it twice without any response. Is anyone else waiting for payment from shops around that... Continue Reading

Discussions of Payment

The pay was reasonable and the report was easy. (Source). April 24, 2017

[quote=kenasch] [quote=AZwolfman] When CMG cut the job pay by $7 and cut the reimbursement down to $5, it was a no-brainer that I decided without a moment's hesitation to not do their shops again. (Source). April 24, 2017

That's why Payless going down is so unfortunate. (Source). April 24, 2017

Instead of renting it. Anyway. That all about me. If I do get paid. I sure do hope that this comany will but it in my pay pal account. (Source). April 24, 2017

They are usually on time. They always pay on the 22nd or shortly before if the 22nd is on the weekend. (Source). April 24, 2017

As a result, I had to include a Schedule C, which by itself cost $200, and I had to pay taxes on that full amount. (Source). April 24, 2017

When I am assigned a shop, I fill in my "pay" column with the amount. (Source). April 23, 2017

, pay close attention to the posting and then the guidelines, plus any comments that may be there. (Source). April 23, 2017

Instead of renting it. Anyway. That all about me. If I do get paid. I sure do hope that this comany will but it in my pay pal account. (Source). April 23, 2017

.. I have sensitive skin. The Gillette Fusion feels much better than a safety razor. I hate paying it, but I do. (Source). April 23, 2017