CAST/Castforce Merging?

I had just answered a text from a merchandiser in my area, she was asking about Snap Audits work and The Little Caesars and Beer audits weren't showing up for her. Although I don't work unless they call with a great offer, which is not very often, sometimes I take their assignments if it's in the same Walmart I happen to be in working for a W-2 company. That's how I double down. I was telling her that maybe she's blocked or coded or whatever, for some reason. She called and finally got through and it turns out that she was "coded" in their system for work only in a 10 mile radius. I don't know if it was her area manager or the system that made that mistake. She can travel sometimes, also, so her work assignment radius is much larger than 10 miles. That's what I was referring to. I wasn't speaking to anyone here in particular. I was trying to share my limited understanding of how some of these companies, or their systems work because I was just involved in a situation like this where work/assignments were no longer showing up on someone's dashboard/app. The difference between real life and forums like these is that, when I suggested she was coded or blocked for some reason, she said ahhh, ya think, placed a phone call and called me back to tell me that she was coded and then you know what she said? THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

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There's an ad for Cast in my area. It says pays $12.50 to $17.50 an hour. Uncanny because on the dashboard it says $10.50. I went to a Nissan dealer to buy the brand new 2015 $8,999 car; it was 'sold'. Kinda the same thing here.
I have been working for cast for a couple of months. I had been assigned 3 HEB jobs for the first of next month. Got the emails that they had been assigned and they showed up on my portal. When I went to check them to plan my next week they are just gone. Finally got hold of my rep today and she did not know what was going on. I got no notification the jobs had been canceled. No one called me back. I need to know whether to accept other work for next week or not, as I had dedicated a lot of my schedule for that time period to these jobs. Anyone else having issues.
If they have, or hire, a regular employee in your area they will give the snap audit jobs to them. Even if you have already been assigned to the work, theyve done that to me. Messed up my schedule for a minute.
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