Scheduler has lost her mind

I received a reach out email asking what cities I cover yesterday. This was for a cycle work position. That was all the information which was communicated. I replied with the 9 closest suburbs I go to. I also mentioned that I would consider several of the larger rural towns if there was either drive time or mileage. I clearly stated the city I would NOT accept any service work in due to the crime problems, which I have had the displeasure to have experienced first hand. No, no, no, will not go to XXXXXXX. Via return email, surprise, surprise, I had been assigned a store schedule, due dates, reporting requirements. The stores are in the heart of XXXXX.! I did not have any contact with anyone pertaining to wage, frequency of cycle, W2 or I.C., what the store or product was. I accepted nothing, it was still at the inquiry stage. I sent back a very apologetic email stating that there apparently was some kind of miscommunication as I do not accept ANY work in XXXXX. I also didn't have enough ( any!) information to make a decision if I was even interested in the job. She is blowing up my email today, but, I have fully functioning deleting capability, not even opening these as she seems to be doing a lot of ASSuming .

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