What is going on with shipping product?

For those of you that are dependent on companies shipping things either to the store or to you, have you noticed how long thing are taking to both get shipped, or to be delivered? I'm speaking of things coming direct from the suppliers such as M&M's, AT&T, greeting cards, toys. I am sitting waiting for things that should have been delivered last week, and some have just arrived yesterday afternoon at some of my stores. UPS is getting really bad with logging on line when things were delivered also. I had to wait until today to find out something was delivered yesterday at noon. The time to deliver has also expanded. One state away took 1 box 4 days to get here. How frustrating to waste a Monday because nothing was there yet!
Anyone else getting frustrated with this? I am lucky as I am not tied into any specific day that I have to do these things, just this week, but, if this was a loaded work week like back to school or Christmas, I would be in deep dodo.

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Fed EX, USPS and UPS all have free tracking utilities that will send you a text message when you have a package being sent to you. You can track any delivery from Amazon to grandma and know where the pkg is and its progress. They will email you or send you messages to you phone. You can customize what messages you want to see and how. You can also set them up for all family members.

On USPS it is called MYUSPS
on FEDEX it is called FEDEX Delivery manager
on UPS it is called MY Choice

It can't help with shipments to stores, but at least you can be knowledgeable about what is coming to your house.

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