Would like some advice or opinions please

I took early retirement but could use some extra cash for expenses. I have 8yrs experience of remerchandising in a retail setting. It was gruelling at times working with heavy beams several hundreds of feet off the ground and moving bathtubs around. I got to the point that my body just couldn't hack it anymore.

Several years have gone by and my body isn't what it used to be but I really liked what I was doing for the most part. Esp the variety and the team I worked with. I would like to find something in my area that does not require alot of strenuous work using merchandise that is light, and easy to move. I know I will still have to move shelves or beams once in awhile but not as often as I used to.

Can anyone help me or advise me on a company that I can focus on to get back into the merchandising field with some light work

I live in WI if that helps

I would appreciate a recommended company or companies I can focus on

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Sign up with World Alliance. It is not a merchandising company, but more of a job board type platform where merchandising recruiters can find your profile and contact you about work.

I do work for Advantage Solutions and SPAR. I do light merchandising. I know others who do work for Crossmark and Acosta. You can apply online.

I live in Wisconsin too.

I do a lot of work for Driveline. Since I am not on their team jobs because I work full-time during the day and can't do the larger projects (or projects that have a set start time in the mornings) that last more than four hours, my jobs for them are usually what are considered "light merchandising" jobs. Although not the highest paying company out there, they are my favorite because they are really flexible with my schedule and will load me up with work when I have more free time, or lessen my load if I need more time at home. I also have a great district manager with Driveline, so that makes working for them even better for me.

I also do more sporadic work for SPAR and Lawrence, and I do a monthly on-going job for Coast to Coast Merchandising.
Look up Retail Merchandising Services, Revenue Creations, Kalan (manufacturer of novelty items who hires their own merchandisers) and as mentioned above, Lawrence (LMS)
Crossmark, Advantage and Acosta are very easy, light merchandising job companies. Drive-line can have some very light work or some freezer work and gondola movement, which I love except the Coordinator here makes you take every assignment they have or he doesn't give you any at all cause he's an idiot.
American Greetings and Hallmark...greeting cards are not that hard but you have to be willing to work the day/week before and day/week after a card holiday, and occasionally on a holiday like Mother's Day and Valentines. Both have websites where you can check availability and both also usually advertise locally.
Watch out for Acosta. They fired an entire work force over a conference call. They bought up another company that paid their employees more. Fired them all then rehired new workers at lower pay.

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