Apolllo Retail - manager layoffs followed by P&G job explosion!

Apollo Retail bought CPM-USA around the beginning of 2017. After a long time of not a very big workload (beenie babies/Staples/other 1-off jobs) since losing P&G in 2015' it appears as of June 1st they have P&G back! I literally went from one job in my system to over 100 for the 15 CVS I service! And I'm getting about 20 new jobs loaded in almost every day! What makes this odd is that last week I found out almost every district manager that came over from CPM (including the national retail manager, Jane McDonald) were laid off. Then I found out some more were laid off that were with Apollo before the merger. These are all territory managers. While I find funny is that right after laying off all these managers, the workload is literally exploding before my eyes. I know that Crossmark had a 5 year deal with P&G, but it looks like Apollo has got it back. Anyone know anything going on?

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I don't know, but I know this: I WISH my regional manager would be laid off. And I know CPM was trying to contact me to work on the new Dollar General stores whereas I had worked with Apollo on those previously. Of course, CPM was paying as Independent Contractor trying to tell me that $11.00 an hour was a great deal for me when I was getting $15 an hour from Apollo as a regular employee!!! Right now Apollo doesn't have any work for me at all. However, that may not be the case for other people in my area. I'll call a colleague and ask.
Apollo bought out a lot of companies and has several different divisions. The "CPM" division pays $12 per hour and when I was with CPM, paid only $10/hour. most of the work is flat rated so you can do well with a lot of jobs.
Yes, I know. There was a crazy woman who worked with me on a Chanel set up. She was with CPM and I was with Apollo. She was the team lead and was being paid $10/hour and I was with Apollo being paid $15/hour. She didn't have the paperwork and I always bring it because in this business many times people don't show up!! She didn't have a pen, a hammer, a screwdriver, a micro-fiber cloth, a screw-gun, a step-stool or any of the other items on the list AND her phone was dead so she couldn't take the required photos. She used all of my tools, leaving some in different places so I had to go collect them and I took the photos and emailed them to her.. She couldn't lift her side of the box if there were two of her!

I digress. I can work at Walmart with fairly steady hours for $10 and mostly sit on my ass; why would I bust my ass at a Dollar General opening for $10? Hell to the no!
Or less. Don't you hate it when they tell you a job should only take 2 hours and it takes 3 or more?
Yes, you learn pretty quick the ones that are full of it. I've been lucky that I can tell them to call me back when they've added $5 or $20 or whatever to the fee. But I've been in the position when I've had to take those. I've recently been able to tell MSG where they can put their crack---er barrel reset! I told her I work for money, not for the fun of it and KAREN isn't allowed to talk to me like that, especially when she's lying through her teeth!
Ok, well, I just got hired at Acosta and I have P&G and Heinz. So, they must be splitting up the P&G assignments or one of the companies lost an employee in your area. Take advantage of them, if that is the case, because Apollo won't get to keep it once Acosta or Crossmark hires a replacement.
Apollo only does P&G in CVS stores. Not in grocery, which I would think you are referring to?
I can imagine you being quite busy in grocery stores as they do tons of jobs accross all categories in CVS.
Let's hope so! (Taps fingers together in an evil kinda' way). I took it and I can't believe they offered a couple of bucks more per hour than I thought they would. Crossmark called and offered me $10.50 an hour and, poor guy, I gave him a piece of my mind. I'm planning on moving to Florida soon and hoping they will let me transfer there so I have a job when I get there. Then I can pick up all the great mystery shops and i.c. merchandising assignments there!

I mean, P&G is a huge company and their product lines will outlast my and my kids' lifetime I'm sure so I'm happy to represent them.
Crossmark $10.50 hahahahah. No wonder they lost P&G in CVS. I last got $12.75 with them. Lot of resets then bam......nothing. Wanted to send me 20 miles away for 2 15 minute jobs lol. That was it. They always limited their staff to 28 hours a week so I can definitely see when they picked up P&G that their would be problems with everything else the same team was doing. They supposably signed a 5 year deal to be exclusive with P&G in cvs but I think cvs might have found a way out.
That's what I told the recruiter Elias, that two years ago I worked for them at $13 and now he's calling me with $10.50. I told him I thought the job i.d. said they were looking for experienced grocery re-setters! Sure, CVS has video of peeps going in the store and tickling the shelf, going pee and then leaving. Argh! Well, I love Apollo, the company. However, the area manager has "favorites", you know, guys that are pompous asses like him. I mean, this is retail, are you really making so much more money than I that you get to talk down to me? Uh, no. I hope Apollo holds on to the CVS' and P&G!
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