What would you do? Can you work as a Merchandiser in a grocery store and still mystery shop the client; just not your assigned stores?

I took a 25 hour a week merchandising job with a very large merchandising company. It's my foot-in-the-door so I can move up the ladder and learn everything I can in a couple of years and start my own company. I have lofty dreams, I know. This company has a tremendous amount of resources, online training etc. There isn't much is merchandising/marketing this company doesn't know and hasn't accomplished.

However, I really need my grocery shops for my small budget right now. Even though I'm not working for the client, I am working in some of the client's stores. I think I should just avoid the few stores that I've been assigned and I can still shop the other stores. What would you do?

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I swear I had to look at the author because of the long subject line...

Nothing wrong with ambition, spicy. But, you are taking a chance that some manager or other employee from one of the other stores might be at one of the stores you are shopping. I personally would choose one or the other. I know that with one of the convenience stores I shop, they have audits as well, and if you decide to do any audits you are automatically disqualified from any of the convenience stores, no matter how far away from each other they may be. It's too bad because some of the audits pay really well and the cities where I would go are at least 30 miles from me and I never shop those stores. I would love to do a route of audits in surrounding cities that I never visit, but it is strictly forbidden.
Go to your ICA, or agreements that are part of the job assignment The key is not to be identified as a mystery shopper. If either client says no, you cannot do it, then ethically you should not do it. If it is not forbidden, then are you at risk as being identified as a MS?

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I actually ended up trading with an Associate that had the Walmart route. She's been working with the company a long time and wanted the grocery store route and she has pull. I found the grocery store associates, the gm manager, the grocery manager and the deli manager to primarily be "sticks in the mud" when it comes to suggestive selling, installing feature displays and pop and just all around bored workers who aren't interested in other professional's input, however educated it is. Ironic that Acosta creates such lovely training videos and selling sheets but won't give me .21 cents to print out a color sell sheet for Oscar Meyer even though it could lead to a 21 percent rise in sales.
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