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I have done mystery shopping for the past year and a half. What companies provide work on the weekends for merchandising? I have done different tasks through survey.com

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Lots of companies allow you to work on the weekend. There is a link to a list of MS companies at the bottom of this page. It's hard for me to tell you what companies shop your part of the country because many MSCs offer different things (or nothing) in different areas of the country.
I'm in Ohio so not likely to have all the same MSCs. Marketforce is one that likely has jobs everywhere and you can do weekends.
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I meant to say merchandising...is what I am trying to get into! So sorry for the error

I knew what you meant. But I have to ask this because you mentioned weekends: Can you do demos? If so, you might want to find out whether Advantage Solutions or Front Row has anything in your area. You self-select your days/hours from a range of given dates and times. The events are usually on weekends. For some jobs, there is the slightest amount of merchandising, such as arranging product near you or returning it to shelves or back stock. If nothing else, these jobs will allow you to meet store staff that you might work with during future merchandising tasks.

Pepsi and Coke are two companies that always/frequently need merchandising on weekends-- especially during holidays. I know someone who works directly for Pepsi and places product in several stores. They are an employee with benefits and access to jobs with other Pepsi-owned companies. Coke and other big companies might hire you directly. Also, check with employment staffing companies and state job service lists. These last two options might enable you to find great matches in the large world of merchandising which sometimes is performed on weekends. Good luck and have fun!smiling smiley

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