Remember when NARMS was good?

When it changed over to worldalliance or whatever it's called, it went downhill from there. There's a new online resource though just for retail merchandisers that has just launched. It has a message board also. []

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Got burned my first try through narms but the next three were really good.

shopping north west PA and south west ny

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My only problem with NARMS is it seemed to only ever have US jobs, none for us in Canada.
@spicy1 wrote:

That retailmerchandising HQ is hilarious.
I agree. It looks very bulky, and the jobs that come up are not only merchandising...I had a nursing job come up! is all powered by, which is WAAAYYYYYYY easier to navigate and softer on the eyes!
I appreciate the feedback.What do you feel is "bulky" if you don't mind me asking?

I'm the creator of the site. It just launched last week so the indeed feed is just temporary untill we have enough members and companies on board.

The training is free and legit. I'd encourage you to take the free certification test for fun and let me know your thoughts.

Again I appreciate any feedback you have as my goal is to provide retail merchandisers like yourself, along with people completely unaware of the field - with an actual retail merchandising community / resource.
@GJCarp wrote:

I appreciate the feedback.What do you feel is "bulky" if you don't mind me asking?
Hi, and congrats for putting in the work you did on the site. I just thought that the squares looked too big for me. The search feature didn't separate out just merchandising jobs, which I thought it would. I really didn't delve into looking into what the training was, as I don't feel I need it. But it just didn't appeal to me. This is just a personal observation, but I thought the site, visually speaking, was kind of bland, others may disagree. I've had better success checking Indeed periodically for merchandising jobs. Others may feel differently. Good luck on it, though!

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If there was a forum on it, I would use that.

Corrected for spelling, was typing on my phone. Yes forum.

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A "form"? What do you mean exactly? If you mean forum, there is a message board just like this place, but with no ads. []

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I really appreciate the feedback. Are you saying the job board section was bland or the home page?The job board portion is a little clunky as it's an indeed feed only currently.

The site will evolve just like most sites over time especially as it starts to get members on both sides. That's why feedback is so important so thank you.

Have you had a chance to look at the forum / message board? [] .

I'm trying to create a community... without the ads by the way. Its a complete resource...not just a job board.

As I said...Thanks for the feedback

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