Walmart going to one merchandising company

Heard from a friend who is an assistant manager here. 60 test stores going through one merchandising company. Makes sense due to cost savings and quality control.

So if you do different companies with walmart it might change soon.

shopping north west PA and south west ny

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it would hard for one company to handle everything in such a big store and I pity the person who would be assigned to one of those test stores. That rep will be so overwhelmed with work. Some manufacturers like Smuckers require all of their products to be checked for out of dates, while others like McCormick require zoning and stocking of every little jar of spice. Those two things would take up most of a half day, leaving little time for Dannon yogurt, Hostess cakes or doing very much in HBA. IMO the test will not last long or become nationwide.
One Merchandising company cannot just pick up all of the work for all of the companies that have third party merchandisers. They have contracts that do have expiration dates, but they have contracts that are dated.
iwahstore: i doubt it will be one store rep. i am sure they will be many more than one... a regional grocery store in the area does the same thing... they are much smaller than walmart but go through one contractor.. the teams are regional teams and go from store to store in a 20 mile radius.. but many times are available to pick up work in other regions and get compensated for travel costs

spicy1: i have no idea how they will do such things but other massive national chains are able to switch their secret shopping and merchandising companies from year to year.. as such i am sure a significant number of contracts are year to year contracts...if there are not then there is usually a way to break a contract for a price... walmart also has a reputation of not playing nice with its contractors and suppliers... i believe a significant number of companies would change things if it meant they were able to continue to put products in the #1 retail chain in America

then again the lady could out of the loop or straight up lying...only time will tell

shopping north west PA and south west ny

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You would need a Walmart dedicated TEAM for each store. The merchandising company would have to only work for Walmart. But of course, Walmart would have the vendors PAY for these services. Suppliers can still merchandise their own product without hiring a 3rd party. Can you imagine the amount of training these merchandisers would need to be able to service everything in a store?

The team would need to be an expert on so many different lines of product that it does not seem feasible especially for what they are willing to pay these people. I mean if they were going to one company why not pay the Walmart employees to do the work in their own departments? Oh because Walmart will not pay for it.
At acosta, crossmark and advantage they have different teams to handle different categories. there is no way in hell one company can handle all packaged goods all bs!
Good ole Walmart... anyone done the app shops where you need to take a photo of all of the particular brand coolers? I have one that I can do but after hit and miss with taking photos inside Wally World... Ugh. I'm not sure I could go around the entire front end of the building where all the associates hoard up. They are really slow in my area in the early hours of the morning or wee hours of the night -- so that might be an option. It's up to $14 depending on number of photos. Mine likely has enough to make that full payment. I dunno. Just getting started with this app and really enjoying getting payments in on things that I can do before and after work.... 0_o

Just wear a name badge and sign in on the vendor log snd get one of their badges - clip or sticky badge and you will be fine. Tell them you work for igloi and they are chsnging their pog


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