I joined observa last week but seems to only have the one job at shoprite Anyone do any work for observa when do they add new stores? Thanks

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It tends to be sporadic, with some parts of the country seeing more work than others. All you can really do is keep checking.
Nothing in my area today, but they get added frequently. I have seen new projects as often as a couple of times a week.
A few months ago they had lots of assignments in the southeast, I did a lot of them in my area.
Sometimes they will also email you with opportunities in your immediate area. I have had this happen when I was traveling. But yes it is very sporadic work.
Is Observa only in bigger cities? I just downloaded the app but the only jobs were available in bigger cities 2 or more hours away from me
They seem to have work in cities that are a couple of hours drive from me. maybe someone else in my area is taking the work or small towns do not count. M survey has a wait list for stores close to me.
Hi 2stepps - Mykaela from Observa here. We launch new campaigns with opportunities across the country almost every week. The locations for the opportunities are determined by our customers, so they change often. If you download the app and sign up for notifications, we will automatically email you and notify you on the app when there are opportunities in your area! Thanks.
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