nestle water reset

Had a quick question about Nestle water resets. Show some in my area that are paying 60 bucks for 4 hr .shift. Has anyone had experience with this or that something to avoid. It is Is at a regional gas station company so it's not something nationwide . Please let me know any experience or details that I need to be aware of. Didn't know if anyone had trouble getting paid or getting the runaround. Thank you

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Mine were at convenience stores, Coke was basically in charge of the resets and Pepsi, and the leading liquor reps reset their brands also. Easy peasy for me, I took the dairy doors in each store and sometimes the water. If you just stay out of the "Company" Reps way, it will be easy for you. I have a Bosch electric jacket that helped because it can get cold. You may need gloves, I don't. Survey pays A1 grade, each time, every time. You have to request a pay-out on the app when your route is done or throughout the resets, maybe every friday. They pay twice a month these days.
OK, Thanks for the insight, I just don't want to have to fight to get paid after doing the task or not get paid at all. Thank you again.
@Want985 wrote:

Theyvalso have app and pay great

Is the app called Merchandiser by

I'm signed up with but all I'm getting is online surveys which get me points.

What does "resetting cooler doors" mean? Forgive me naivete - I've never done a reset before. I previewed one of the jobs in my area it didn't have specifics.
Move coke to water, move water to dr pepper This is not a good training job, they are fast and it is heavy and dirty. Some 4 hours, some 2.5, some 6, some a no go because wrong POG
I had went and done one yesterday ,and one of the requirements is to get a picture of the vendor log in after I signed in. I asked and the store does not have one, and I wrote in the job assignment details that it was not avaliable as they don't have one.

Anyhow I did the reset and jumped through the hoops and submitted it. Now they keep sending it back saying it is incomplete without the vendor log photos, which I cant get as there isn't one. I have 10 of these set up and fear I am going to get screwed on getting paid and am wondering if you have had this happen , and if they denied the job or took a penalty, or will use common sense? I dont want to work for nothing.

Also for reference are there any merchandiser companys to avoid, I have had SPAR emailing wanting me to apply for some store reset ,and another person from Driveline. I had seen mixed reviews on both and wasnt sure if they are legit or are somethign to shy away from. Thank you so much.

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SPAR isn't that bad, I always balk when they call (Oh, well I make more for another company and I might be able to pick up other work at a higher rate, sorry) and they give me a daily access fee in addition to a higher pay per hour (I have about 7 years merchandising experience with Advantage Solutions). Found out by ovehearing other reps conversations about the hourly pay at a reset that I am making a couple dollars more per hour than they are and they have been with SPAR much longer than I have. Never done anything for Driveline.
Jere96, I would have written "No Vendor Log" on a piece of paper along with anything I could find to ID the store (store stamp, business card, receipt) so i had a photo to submit, then explained in the comments.

Former mystery shopper, current merchandiser.
I used to work for DriveLine for a year and a half. The pay is low, but if you have a lot of stores assigned to you, you can work out a route of pretty regular work. Don't go overboard though, because once those large resets hit, you may not be able to do more than one store in a day. At my peak, I had 6 Family Dollar Stores and 3 General Dollars to service at least once every other week (some stores weekly), and every now and then a CVS or Walmart job would pop up. The large, team resets were the worst work I did for them, because not everyone would show up, then I would be responsible for completing the entire project alone (or with a minimal team).
Do you have to lift cases of the drinks, or just move bottle-by-bottle? Do they give you anything to put them in while moving them, or do you have to just put them on the floor?

Do they really take the full four hours, or do they ever go over? I'm concerned about signing up for a 4-hour job that really ends up to take 6, and only getting paid for 4.
You get paid by the hour, for every hour. Yes, you better be sble to lift cases AND help move a rack filled with product with just two people with product all over the place, they dont mess around. Coke, or Team Captain, provides a dolly. Buy a 12v heated jacket as sone crews will make you work in the cooler the whole time, gloves are essential. This is not for babies, it is not a $9 an hour but $15 an hour not for nothing!!!!! but you can do it.
I've worked for Spar for over 20 years. Pay is low, but they will give you what they call an "access fee" which is a set amount for mileage, BUT you have to ask for it. I only do the easy movie jobs for them anymore.
I worked for Driveline for 10 years, until I got a new manager that hired relatives for my stores, so I quit. Driveline pays low. I did Family $ and kmart and Walmart for them. I quit doing resests for them unless it was in one of my stores, as whenever I was put on a team either nobody would show up or only one person would and the job required 6-8 people, so made for very long days.
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