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I have been glancing through this section of the forum and keep coming across company names that I cannot find on the forum list. Is there a merchandising list somewhere? If not, how do I find merchandising companies?

Happy Camper

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I've always just Googled them. The forum is basically for mystery shoppers, though it does have the merchandising section. You could always Google them and create a list for others if you felt like taking the time to do it.
I would suggest a search using other alternatives. Google is filled with ads. Not that google won’t get you what you’re looking for. But other search engines may serve you better.

CrossMark is very popular.
Good luck and have fun.

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I've actually been a merchandiser for over 8 years. I work for Advantage Solutions as an employee and sometimes I do work for SPAR. I know some people who work for Crossmark and most of them don't really like that company. Now these are people IRL, not forum members. As far as forum members go, I think that Spicy does some merchandising work with Crossmark and she has been a merchandiser for many years. Her higher pay grade is due to her extensive experience I am sure. The people I have met on reset jobs who work for Crossmark don't make very much per hour. I would not recommend them.

Jeff, which merchandising company do you work for?
I agree with the Crossmark comments. Having worked for them, I can tell you almost any other company, even the "app" companies like Survey Merchandiser, pay more. I currently work for SASR, as I prefer the flexibility to choose my own assignments. I do quite a bit for Survey and Customer Impact as well.

Volition has a pretty good list of companies.
Stormraven, wasn't SASR (Daymon) recently acquired or merged with Advantage Solutions? I have always been able to make my own schedule with Advantage as well. I was also probably one of the last Advantage people to squeeze a raise out of them, too, LOL.
I know Advantage merged with Daymon, but SASR is still operated as a separate company, day-to-day. We still have separate job boards, etc., at least in my experience.
I was invited to join the reset team with SASR through my supervisor, but I opted out because I was told I would have to work a steady schedule...that would interfere with my MSing and product retrieval work. And vacations!!!!
Huh. Maybe they were talking about one of the new dedicated travelling teams? I have a friend who heads one of them, and they are the exception to the "choose your own schedule" rule.
It also might be that you are "locked in" and new hires might not get the same luxury. I definitely don't want to travel for work.
I only signed on with them about 6 months ago, and I think that was after the merger. We use for requesting assignments. As far as I know that has only changed for the travel teams.
Before my run-in with breast cancer back in 2013, I worked for Premium Retail Services, News America Marketing, and Convergence--which is now Match Converge, I think. These were all employee jobs, not Independent Contractor. I enjoyed my time with these companies, but going through all the treatments and stuff that I had to do, I gave them up. Now, in addition to doing some light, part-time MSing, I'll do periodic merch work for SNAP audits, since I can do that as an IC and not an employee. Every so often I'll do something on the Field Agent app if I'm in the neighborhood. Of if OP doesn't mind working as an employee, the 3 I mentioned may be good can Google them for sign up info. They will all be part time work, and usually you can work around other jobs.
All of you are so helpful. Thank you so much for your replies. I will research these suggestions. What is it called when you are the person at a food or beverage store giving out samples? Is that merchandising? Does anyone do that?

Happy Camper
I do demos for a nutritional company, but that is only 2 days a month at a natural foods store, and I just got lucky getting in with that company and there aren't any current openings with them to my knowledge. I think Market Connect Group used to hire people to do demos but not sure if they still do.
@mskimmysue wrote:

What would I google? merchandiser?
Try Googling something like: "Merchandiser at Premium Retail Services" or "Merchandiser for News America Marketing"...stuff like that. You could also go to, put in your area and type in: "Merchandiser". Now, you'll get plenty of stuff that's not what you're looking for, but you'll get several that are. Good luck!
I am a hiring manager in the Boston area for News America Marketing and would be interested in speaking with anyone looking for Merchandising routes in the Massachusetts area.
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