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I worked with Trendsource's inspection division (i.e. we inspect a business according to client's standards) it's all out in the open.

Mixed bag in a sense.

They always wanted quotes, rarely gave me assignments, finally left them since I got fed up of the games. Of be doing free work, and not getting projects from them.

I was paid on time, and as agreed, generally there wasn't much follow up unless I screwed up. They did have an app to help you with the work.
Trendsource, now the source agents is a very good company. I've been shopping for them for 4+ years and have only had positive experiences. Do it!
I cut down on my mystery shopping due to lack of time and Trend Source is one of the only company's I still shop for. The reports are easy and payments show up twice a month like clockwork. It's one of my favorite MSCs.
I work for them, and they pay twice a month, the 5th and the 20th. They have the grocery stores, but this year have many more shoppers, so I don't get as many jobs as I used to, but have a # to call and that works.
Excellent company, pay's a bit low, but paying so quickly helps and I like their jobs (all in my town).

Live consciously....

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Ditto Experience - Applied for a shop (or two or three) and then I sit and wait. And Watch. Shop never gets assigned to anyone. Very low pay. Very low. Pay is every two weeks. Bout the best one can say. Not worth the time and effort. Have stopped working for this company.

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Once 5 shops are successfully completed you are given auto-assign privileges. I completed five low-paying grocery store shops and now I get the better/higher paying ones and no longer have to wait for approval.
When did this happen? You still have to wait until they assign after you apply.

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Not sure when it occurred but once you have self-assign privileges you're good to go. I self-assigned 2 shops yesterday and got them immediately. You get first dibs on assignments and top paying projects. Go to the resource guide on the dashboard (under resources) and you'll find all the criteria needed to get self-assign.
If you do a health type of shop be careful. Experience with assigning a shop 5 hours and 32 minutes after it was to start. The shop had various hours at the same location with the same person.So, it was done 30 minutes after it was assigned. The scheduler screwed this up. They refused to pay. They are a bit iffy. Wonder what they did with the submitted survey?
I have completed site inspections for TrendSource. The crazy, low compensation they offer does not cover the cost of copying the lengthy reports they require for the client to sign, the cost of gas driving to the location, the mandatory multiple pictures required, and the lengthy interview with the employees at the location. I no longer accept these assignments.
I have to agree with above, yes, pay is low for all the work should be a 50.00 job, but we know this is a low paying MSC, however when jobs are close by (always) and they pay twice a month, it makes up time spent driving...I only do jobs for them within 3 miles.

Live consciously....
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