I just got this email. Unsolicited, has anyone heard of this company or format?

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I received the same email as well this morning. I checked out their site and it looks to be a start-up and has pretty good info. I haven't signed up. Makes me wonder where they received my contact info.

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Yes, I've asked that question several times on this forum. Who is selling our emails?

Happy Camper
It is a great website. Many options and professional to me. I signed up and invited others.smiling smiley
Many companies>> merchandising and mystery shopping share emails and users .. that's it and I am glad they do.
I do a lot of merchandising and I got this too. I quickly looked at it but haven't had the time to really check it out..
I posted LOL with smile because some member here was complaining that I had 3 posts and she thought I was a scammer or spammer. She said I was reported>> too funny. I guess I was reported for posting.
Excellent site, looks like they are just getting started. I really like the format and looks very professional. I don't use Volition anymore. If you go to the opportunities section it has most of the merchandising companies listed with links to their sign-up pages as well as an area to provide feedback. I more than doubled my workload - love it!
I have found almost a dozen companies I didn't know existed and am not working nearly full-time between all of them. I love the site, it would be better if more of us posted over there as well. I keep going back whnever I need to find more work.
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