K Team Merchandising Solutions

Anyone ever hear of or work for this company?
I got an email from them, telling me that they have jobs in my area.
You are hired as a IC.
I googled them and didn't find out much except they have been in business since 2015 in Allenstown,Pa.

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Well, I just tried doing some research about them. On their FB page, they have ONE 5-star review from last March, with NO comment attached to it. Their FB page has a link to [kteammerchandisingsolutions.com] which only leads to a GoDaddy page advertising the page for sale. SO.........not sure about this company!

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The email I got didn't have a url for a website, just a link to the facebook page. I have been merchandising since 1991 and I have never heard of them. when I was out today doing a couple of jobs I ran into a few merchandisers I have known for years and they all said they got the same email and had never heard of them before neither.
I tried the phone number in the email and it went straight to voicemail.
After talking with the other merchandisers I'm not going to apply for a job with this company.
Especially since no one ever hearing of them and no website for the company.

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If you have worked for National Rollout Company it is likely they have your contact info from there. I did a job for NRC last summer and was sent the same email recently. I noticed the name was someone I had corresponded with last summer about the job I did, that is how I know they have ties to National Rollout Company.
Hi , My contact was from NRC I did some gigs for them last year. He is with this new company. Said there will be some projects soon. New Company
K Team provides a skilled staff of dedicated merchandisers. We have a foundation for success that's set for many decades to come. We are a full service merchandising company.


The website is up and working now as well.

Yes I used to be the Director of Operations for National Rollout as well as other companies over the years

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