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I performed my first few merchandising jobs for CCMI last week. How do you know your jobs were accepted? All I can see is that the jobs are at 100%. It doesn't show if they are accepted or not.

Shopping Arkansas, Louisiana, & Mississippi.

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Hey Ark!
I just started with them a few months ago as well. If you complete your assignment and it shows 100% in the bar, then you can check whether or not it was accepted by this way. Click on the job you did, then click on the
blue "Fill Reports" tab. Once you do that, you will see your shop (or shops) over on the left hand side. But above that, you'll see a larger search box of sorts, with several categories. Click on the arrow of the small box that says "Approved". When you do, you will see 3 choices: Approved, Not Approved or Pending Validation. Click the choice of the one you want to check, which would be Approved, then click the blue "Search" button over on the right. Any shops that are approved will then show up in the left hand box where the shops showed up originally. If you don't see it there, go back and try Pending Validation and search again. Hopefully you'll see it then.
I know I did 4 locations for the Staples Brother job, and for the LONGEST time, one of them was in Pending was driving me cuckoo!! But after about 3 weeks, it finally went to Approved!
Hope this helps!
guysmom, you are so smart and helpful! Thank you! They are all approved. I wouldn't have never figured out how to do that without you. I was amazed to get to work for them. I've heard they are hard to get a chance to work for. I love their jobs. Their site is really hard to learn and figure out. The reporting is easy. The applying and everything else is "different" and I've got to get use to it. Again, thank you so much for the help.

Shopping Arkansas, Louisiana, & Mississippi.
You're very welcome, Ark! Glad I could help, and glad that you found they are all approved. That's a good feeling, isn't it? Yes, I heard they were hard to get on with as well. Every 6 months or so for about 3 years, I would make sure my application was in with them. Then finally, this past Fall, I did several jobs for them. All told now, I've done 11 jobs with CCMI. I look forward to hopefully doing more next year. I like them, too. I think they pay very fairly.
Do you know what regions of the country most of the work is done? I've done a few jobs for them and liked the work and how they are good to pay but not much available in my area.
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