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Has anyone did any work for this company?
I got an email from them saying they have work in my area. I did a google search with mixed results. Some people said the company was great to work for and some said they don't pay you for the work done.

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I have been working for them for a few months. I was skeptical at first, after reading many bad reviews. There was an issue with my first pay deposit, but it got straightened out and they have paid me right on time since then. There has not been a lot of work in my area, but it's something to supplement other jobs. I plan on staying on board with them.
I do not work for them often but have always been paid. As a side note my husband was in a nursing home and they thought he had dementia. One of my jobs with this company involved putting a little box together. I took one of the boxes to the nursing home and had him put it together I then asked the nursing home staff to put the box together and they could not(I had my own troubles wit it). Anyway, he and I are still together and he is not in assisted living. I got him out of the nursing home by getting him into an assisted living place. The assisted living home told me at the end of the month that he really was fine and did not need their services.
You get paid for the services you render; however- travel/mileage stipends are very limited; to hardly none offered at all!
I have worked for them for several years. I find them to be very prompt in their payments and extremely helpful if you have a problem. I was out of state for two months and they even put me in contact with the scheduler for the area and I worked there for the two months. You will not go wrong,in my opinion, if you work for them.
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