Texas Merch Project EASY

Hello all!

I just rejoined the whole mystery shopping/merchandising world after a several years break. As a coincidence, today I just got a request to find drivers in Texas (Dallas and Houston specifically were mentioned) to drop off promo stands at restaurants. You've probably seen these everywhere. It takes literally one minute at the location.

We're still working out compensation and bonuses. Our goal is to knock it all out as soon as the materials are delivered, probably starting next week.

I have been doing these as a regular merchandiser so I am just now being brought into the logistics. I know one woman who dominated the last round made $1,000 in one week while everyone else got around $300 putting in time around other jobs.

I feel like people who are in these forums are the type to maximize the value of a good project. Drop a note if you want me to follow up as I get more information.

Thank you!

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Me too, actually. These are projects that were being done in-house. I have a conference call today that's supposed to get me up to speed with the company they chose.

Just to be clear, I am contracted directly by the client and they have another company to handle the merchandising across the country. I have previously coordinated projects local to me in NYC.

I will update you this evening.
The company is Bluemark. I asked for a registration page but they haven’t shared the info yet. It’s been the usual that we get called to action after the supply delivery is confirmed.

I hope it works with your schedule. I will keep you updated.
@ancient1 wrote:

If you hear of any in New Mexico, let me know. I have vending machines, candy mostly, in the restaurants here so could be ideal. Thanks.

Absolutely. What’s your region?
@nslinhar wrote:

I am interested, but would l8ke to know the name of the merchandising company, first.

Ok. These guys at Bluemark are suddenly moving fast. They want to ship materials directly to the driver (arriving next week). So you would need your own garage or storage unit big enough for 1-3 pallets (size of shipment listed below).

The current rate is $3/stop, whether or not you’re successful. These are businesses that have a relationship with the client but they could be closed when you arrive or it might be a restaurant that doesn’t display promotional materials.

We have had solo drivers in NYC doing 50-100 per day. These guys prefer a duo working together. They got results above 200 per day in Arizona. There’s also a possible bonus for meeting a generous deadline (basically if you can work full time).

These are the numbers to achieve:
Dallas 1000
Houston 645
San Antonio 310
Austin 315

Message me if you would like to commit to this project and you can start next week.
It’s in and out in literally 1 minute and they’re generally close together.

I have done these myself. Easily hit 10-20 per hour. Parking in NYC was the biggest challenge. Working with a partner makes it even more efficient.
I don’t doubt we’ll find someone. I get that it won’t be you but I will lay it out for anyone else.

It’s a short term project that needs someone who will commit to their whole city, preferably with a partner. We’re in NY and the client is in CA. We’re shipping materials to TX. If they’d cover a flight, hotel, car, etc., I would be there myself.

I’m just sharing the opportunity.
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