shifting pay periods again

Ok, I know cash flow issues happen, and if they must shift the pay period again, at least they are doing it gradually, a day at a time. Considering what other MSCs have done this isn't terrible.

My real complaints are that: a) They didn't announce the change until halfway through the payday period, and b) that they keep trying to give this a positive if screwing with MY cash flow is ever going to be positive in my eyes.

Just man up, and make the announcement a couple weeks in advance of the change. If you tell me the bad news straight up, I can adjust accordingly. If you play Mickey Mouse games then the uncertainty and mind games make me want to quit working for you.

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I just recently downloaded their app about three weeks ago. I haven't done a job for them yet. I just saw one job where they want you to purchase any of a certain type of product that is left on the shelf or in the back room. That made me back off from them. I know companies can have a massive amount of left over stock and without knowing what I'm walking into, I be dang I'm going to take that job. I backed out of the app and haven't gone back in. I wonder why they are changing the pay date.

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They are actually a very good company, I was just voicing a grievance about one particular issue. Overall I am very pleased with them.

As for the buybacks, if it is the beef one plan to spend about $100-120 per store. For the marshmallows it is much less, often only a few $$. They reimburse any money spent the following day, and you get to keep the product. I have a ton of meat snacks and marshmallows that I just donated to a local food bank.

The store resets are the best moneymaker, IMO. $100 or more per shift, and a $50 show-up fee if the store is closed or it is cancelled. You work with a crew so you don't really have to know how to do resets, as most will teach you. They are a great place to network & learn about all aspects of merchandising.
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