Travel Bonus for Spar?

What's the average travel bonus with Spar for doing shops that are way out in rural areas? I'm new to Spar and they have a lot of job opportunities that that are over an hour away. What would be the normal bonus for a person to travel and work that store?

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I've worked for Spar for over 20 years, and I was told last year when I asked for what they call "access Fee" that it has to be over 30 miles one way to get anything for your mileage/travel time. It is up to your ''Zone Lead" as to what they will pay you, as they have a fund for such things. I used to get $5 for going 9 miles from home, and $25 for going 40 miles all that that ended in 2015. Last Dec. when I was assigned a job 75 miles one way, my zone lead told me that all I would get was $10 for access. As we are IC's, we don't have to accept the job. I had the job removed as I wasn't going to drive round trip of 150 miles for $10 plus one hour of pay. So I would recommend contacting your zone lead and see what they offer to give you and also take into consideration if it is a one hour job or less how much an hour are you going to make. I know a lot of those jobs out in the boonies are a set flat rate, and if the job is only going to pay $3-$9, then it's not worth it.
Thanks for the info. I was wondering how they are getting the jobs done at such low pay. I'm trying to use them as fill in work for MS.
The low paying are grouped into 4-5 different jobs at the same store that have to all be done on the same day.The $9 jobs are usually a 45 minute job. And sometimes they have another job attached for an hourly rate and sometimes they are just a stand alone job. I never do any of these jobs for them anymore, unless they are at a store that I already do and will be their for my regular scheduled work.
where I live about 12-13 years ago a couple of ladies did all the jobs in rural areas and would spend several days on the road doing them, back then Spar paid them for the motel room/food/gas and paid them a set $ amount for all the work, which was over $700. But they don't do that anymore.

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