Observa new opp: requires poster board -> size?

Trying to plan ahead for this new opp (cell phone stores).
What size poster board will be needed? Does it get left behind or can it be re-used at each store?
For me, it's easier to purchase the poster board this weekend, to be ready for the Tuesday start.

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We won't know until it's viewable on Monday. Sorry. They are trying new project formats, and haven't figured out the best way to post stuff yet. Hopefully they iron out the wrinkles soon.
Checking back to see if any specifics were released about the poster board and opp details.
My route for tomorrow includes the area with those opps, but currently I'm out-of-range, so can't see details.

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Weird... and not fun.
For me, all the icons for the poster board assignment have disappeared from the map, except the one I reserved but still can't access due to distance. Not sure if they got scooped up or technical mishap.
My three "Shots" are still sitting in the My Opps list, but still no map icons and no displays have arrived. Reserved these opps well before Memorial Day. ?????

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Ok, the KOR icons are back for me. And I still haven't gotten my second shipment of displays (reserved 5/23).

As for the cell phone stores, here is the email Ben sent me:

Good evening,

This is Ben with Observa. I apologize for the delay in communication, but wanted to provide an update on the Metro PCS observation, as agreed upon.

As of now, these visits will not become live until tomorrow morning - afternoon (PST). We are still awaiting confirmation from our client, which is causing the delay.

However, I'd like to provide some additional insight into what the visit will entail and what will be needed:

The visit is broken down into three sections: (1) Exterior photos (2) Interior photos (3) Measurements & Hand Sketch

Parts 1 and 2 are fairly standard and involve capturing photos of the storefront, store hours, interior store walls, etc.. Part 3 will require you to create a rough hand sketch or blueprint of the interior "Purple Accent Wall". Simply outlining where signs, doors, and outlets are located. You will also be required to measure parts of the "Purple Accent Wall" and include them in your sketch. For your reference I've created an example hand sketch, below. Yours should look somewhat similar to mine. (More details will be available within the observation).

Here are the materials you will need:

1) Tape Measure (Up to 6 feet)
2) Pen (for the hand sketch)
3) A piece of paper (for the hand sketch)
4) Measuring block (12" x 12" bright colored poster board) - This serves as a reference point for objects in the photo. I.e., how big or small something is relative to the poster board.
5) Tape (capable of adhering to exterior surfaces)

Upon arriving on site, you will want to introduce yourself to the store associate / manager and let them know the purpose of your visit. I've included an example script within the observation itself.

Overall, we expect this visit to be fairly straightforward, and estimate it should take no longer than 30 minutes to complete.

We appreciate you being an Observer!


ETA: He also told me that if you can't do the jobs exactly on the day you reserved that's ok. Also, if you can't complete the reservation due to distance, email Ben and ask him to remove the geofence.

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Mighty funny that I have been getting emails from National Rollout for the same project? Now they all cant have this project. From what I can tell it seemed to be more involved than it looks. Meaning if you don't get it right , then its on you. Also it seems more costly than pay
Hi there,
Have you received the second shipment of displays (reserved 5/23) for the "shots" assignment?
I'm still waiting for the displays.

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No. I was told there was a shipping delay. No word on when they will arrive. If I don't get them today I will have to cancel, as mine is an add-on to an out of state route which I won't do again until next month.
A friend did some of these. They said it wasn't worth it for several reasons - takes longer than expected, stores are in bad areas, and the drawings kept being rejected.

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You're referring to the cell phone store / poster board part of this thread. I opted out of those once the expanded details were released.

Side note: This thread discusses two Observa opps. The other one --"Shots"-- is the one for which many of us are waiting, since before Memorial Day, for the displays to arrive.

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Today the app is down. Support is working on it, but I cancelled anyway as today was the only day I could do the displays.
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