Buy Backs- throw out items?

I saw a buy back assignment where the client was asking you to buy all of an item thst the store has, write void on your receipt, and throw away the items. They said you should expect to spend between $80-$100. The pay is $7.

(1) If you don't do it correctly and are not approved, you have a voided receipt and if you followed the directions, you don't even have the product. How can they expect someone to take this kind of a risk? All for $7?

(2) Why would you need to throw away the product? Is it dangerous and they are trying to get it off of the shelf?

(3) Any idea why a company would want a buy back completed like this?

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I've wondered about these gigs, as well. What I do know is that sometimes stock has to be removed for the mere fact that labeling has changed, maybe there was a recall, could be any number of reasons. Don't be surprised if you happen to see these very same products on eBay.
I have participated in such shops before for MSPs in whom I had a great deal of trust. These are MSPs that don't nitpick work in a seeming attempt to avoid payment, make payment as specified in the contract and work with shoppers as opposed to treating us as if we were all thieves and con men.

Merchandisers I believe are usually sent in for out of date or dangerous product (I specifically remember tainted or possibly tainted peanut butter and dog food that may have used Chinese flour that may have been tainted with ground melamine). As a shopper I have been asked to remove product primarily for package failure--go to the shelf of a particular store and remove every package of the item that was 'damaged' because the flap had come unglued, purchase at full retail and submit the receipt for reimbursement.

Ethically it is wrong to resell this product via returning it to the store or selling on eBay. We did try the product and didn't like it so sent it along to the food bank as it was safe, just not to our liking.
Generally I have found that if they tell you to throw it out, it has been recalled and could be dangerous. If it is a labelling change or out of date, they usually suggest donating it.

I have never seen a buyback that was more complicated than noting stock levels before & after, price of the product, and POV, and possibly proof of destruction (for recalled items). The only reason I have ever heard of one not getting approved was for an illegible receipt.

If this is the fiber product recall, the company will issue a reshop automatically if there are any issues so there is really no risk.

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I can only imagine going through the checkout line with 40 containers of that product.

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Google the product and you will see the reason for the buy back. Most often a mislabeled box. They cannot legally say ok to eat it..... If you see plastic in meat etc etc problably better to toss it!
I do not know exactly what product the OP is referencing, but I recently completed a few similar gigs for a little more money than that. All dates of the given product were checked. There were a few different dates. Containers with certain dates were noted and discarded away from the locations. There was no 'throwaway' product at any of the locations I checked. It took more time to pinpoint the location of the product type than to complete the designated tasks. This varies by location. It is not a big deal. Two minutes at most within in any store to find the aisle? While I believe the base pay should be at least $10-12, I would do this again if the opportunity presented itself. It was easy! Even if there were purchases, the entire time per location would be such that the gigs can be fit into larger schedules and work days. YMMV.

The MSC is reputable, and I love to work with them. This was my first time with a buy-back gig.

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