Anyone building Playhouses? Additional supplies that will help

Are you building a Playhouse in-store? These items (some not on original supply list) will help you ~~>
* save the product box to reference photos during assembly
* assembly instructions should be included inside product box
* fully charged cordless screwdriver that allows you to change bit to the square-head type provided in hardware kit
* smaller square-head screwdriver for those places where cordless device doesn't fit easily
* Phillips screwdriver
* measuring tape
* pencil for marking measurements
* bag for garbage
* scissors
* awl or something sharp to make starter holes in awning material
* lightweight hammer to assist with previous
* push pins to hold awning in place while securing screws

Would love to compare notes on how this went for others !!

edited here and there for clarity.

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Thank you. A million times, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

I feel much better about my upcoming task.

Just now, the hubby is searching for a drill. I hope we have one! An assistant could provide additional hands to hold things in place. My hubby the assistant will probably do what a push pin would do for a lone merchandiser. Would painter's tape, which does not alter surfaces, be useful instead of a pushpin?

[mods, is it legal to post this?There is a video online from someone/something called Hayneedle. A person assembles a similar KidKraft display. The glossary is helpful. The process of talking and working shows the logic in the order of events. The merchandiser has to translate in their head from the demonstrated previous project to the reality of the current playhouse project. A few steps are speeded up in order to show the project assembled in twelve minutes and some seconds.]

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Got life?

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First location: 6 hours total at location
Second location: 3-1/2 hours total at location

Yes, I contacted each location ahead of time in attempt to get product placed on floor prior to my arrival. Neither location was able to do this, so easily 30-45 mins at beginning each time was spent waiting for Team Lead to arrive to frontend, working with same person to pinpoint location of product, waiting for backroom personnel to collect product from upper "steel" shelves or exterior storage pod and then they have to transfer from forklift to rolling cart and bring out to sales floor. Last year's model is on the sales floor and will need to be moved / removed so you have a space in which to work and place the completed Playhouse.
At the second location with the benefit of having assembled one the day before, I would say my assembly time of 2-3/4 hours is how long it takes to assemble this Playhouse. I was lone assembler each time.

Be sure to request that a price sign be printed when you first speak with the Team Lead. And be sure to check back if you don't have it within 90 minutes.
* Be sure to purchase the AAA batteries for doorbell while you wait for the Team Lead to meet you at frontend (keep your receipt handy).

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@klchilds wrote:

Was that just the playhouse?

The Kitchen display had not yet arrived to the store.

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Talking of the kitchen displays...

Does anyone know if these ever will arrive? Will we or store staff assemble the kitchen displays?

Those who wish to sing, always find a song. -Swedish proverb
Got life?
@Shop-et-al wrote:

Talking of the kitchen displays...

Does anyone know if these ever will arrive? Will we or store staff assemble the kitchen displays?

I saw the kitchens and additional playhouse locations were very recently posted on MSC job board.

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i was at a store completing the kitchen display when a lead came up to me. He asked if I knew the lady that attempted to build the playhouse? He said she showed up one evening around 8 pm and started, got some of the frame completed. Then came back the next night after 9pm (close at 10) and basically did nothing due to time. She then returned several days later and did a little more and still left it unfinished and after 2 weeks this lead finally finished it. needless to say he was not happy, i can only imagine how awful it looked in the store.

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anyone know what the pay is for closed locations? the guidelines say the pay may be reduced to $15 if you don't complete. does MAY BE equate to WILL BE?
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