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If this isn't allowed, please let me know and I apologize.
I was excited when I found this site, I need more people to talk to about things then just the ones I have in my area that I work with.

I'm looking for other currently employed Crossmark employees. I've been a Crossmark employee alittle over a year now. It's been a rollercoaster ride for me since I started with them. I do work with about 5 other merchandising companies as well, some were before Crossmark, some were after. Not talking about those IC apps but actual companies that employ people.

I have some concerns, questions and venting I'd like to do and where I'm at I only have one other Crossmark employee I talk with. The others I either don't like for various reasons or I just don't know them well enough yet since I haven't worked with them much. I was hoping to connect with other Crossmark employees here or if not allowed here maybe talk through another way. Hoping we can share information and such regarding Crossmark.

We might have different supervisors and be able to share information we have heard or things we've learned while employed with Crossmark.

Before I bring my insights to the table, I'd like to start by learning where everyone employed by Crossmark is from.
I, born & raised, am from New Jersey. South Jersey and when I say South Jersey I mean I'm in the very last county at the bottom of New Jersey.

Again if this isn't allowed or I've said something I shouldn't have, I apologize. Different sites have different rules as far as what you can and can't say and it gets hard to remember them all and remember which ones you can't do certain things in.

"Here's to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them."

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its never a good idea to vent about an employer while using its name to a stranger online... especially on a public forum..

large national companies usually have a facebook group which may or may not be connected to the company

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You could ask for Crossmark employees to private message you, but as stated above, you are dealing with strangers so it could be anyone who responds. I totally understand wanting an outlet for "water cooler talk" but this should be the place to possibly connect, not publicly post using the company's name.

Former mystery shopper, current merchandiser.
I'm a former Crossmark employee. I worked for the company in Canada in the Data Collection division. I don't know if I would be helpful to you but feel free to private message me.
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