Can anyone advise. I did my first job for this co. Mgr says do not carry the product I was after. I abandoned, my only choice. I tried to contact co. to find out if I will get paid since I did all I could. No answer. Anyone had this happen? TY

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Never heard of that company. Provide a link to their website and maybe someone can answer your question.
I agree, this is a merchandising company. It should be posting here and perhaps someone can advise you there.

Just finished looking at the link. Looks like it's basically a phone app for merchandising. "Abandon" is the term this company uses when a rep is unable to complete the assignment, for whatever the variety of reasons may be. I may go check the app out and see what's in my area.
I started to apply but stopped at the “video interview”. Never saw something like that before and need to think about it some more before proceeding.
Video interviews take the place of in-person interviews for remote positions, or even for screening for positions that will ultimately have a one-on-one interview for the top candidates. I think it is newer to merchandising companies, but my recent college grad had to do several during her job search in her field.

Former mystery shopper, current merchandiser.
Does anyone do work for this company? I am just about done with the individual client training but everything seems to be the same pay of $7.00. This seems extremely low particularly if there is stock to be brought from the back room. Am I missing something? I’m new to merchandising but have been mystery shopping for many years.
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