Starting to HATE

Did you guys notice a pay cut from already underpaid $7 to $6.5 and also each survey you need to interact with the manager, sell sheet print, badge print required. ARE YOU GUYS SERIOUS?

$6-7 should be only for basic audit without interaction with the manager. If you want us to interact with the manager than at least pay $12-14 like other companies. DON'T be cheap.

I am NOT doing your job anymore. BYE BYE!!!

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I only do their assignments when convenient, otherwise I wait for the price to be increased when others pass on it or ignore. The last one I did had 3 price hikes before I touched it because everyone knew it was a lot of work.
I only do demos and resets with them, and the pay cuts on those are about put those on my 10-foot-pole list as well.
They provide everything that goes on the tables, including tablecloth. You provide the table (I think mine was about $15 at WM).
They had an audit that I did that was $7.50, now it is down to $4.50 and you have to meet with a manager, do counts and have store change counts in their RMU ( or whatever the store calls theirs) and restock the displays.
I'm not doing it anymore.
Has anyone done one of their mystery shops? The pay seems decent, but there's zero info on the report requirements.
I don't think they have mystery shopping. They just have merchandising, audit, demo, reset jobs. Here is their payment changed as they improved their mobile app.

2016 - $12
2017 - $8-10
2018 - $7-8
2019 - $6.5-7 (more, more & more work, print sell sheet, print badge, must interact with manager for every single job)
2020 - $2-5 (may be)
2022 - Work for free

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WOW. I do demos for $25+ per hour. I do merchandising for $14-$17 per hour (depending on company) plus sometimes mileage and drive time. I do some audits for as much as $18 per hour (and drive time plus mileage). Definitely none of these are for

I did meet a young woman on a reset recently who was utilizing She was getting $15 per hour. The problem was that the job was a 6-8 hour job and her assignment was scheduled for 2-3 hours? The team lead had a fit when she had to leave because she wasn't going to be paid if she worked longer than that time.

I won't ever do any of these types of assignments for less than what I accustomed to receiving.
Resets and demos pay just under average--$12.50 to $15 (rare) for resets and $20-22.50 for demos. I use these as fill-ins for slow weeks. The other jobs don't pay jack.
I stopped using about 18 months ago... they had a price drop, and it never recovered. I won’t touch any of those things for less than $8.

When I very first started with them 3 or so years ago there was an HUGE product buyback program that paid $8 a visit, plus full reimbursement, 3-4x a week for months, multiple boxes per visit on a product that doesn’t go bad... you could do with it as you wished as long as you didn’t resell it. A best friend and I both got involved... we donated tons (literally) of the product — I kept a couple pallets for my lifetime supply. It was freaking awesome. Thousands reimbursed, like clockwork, on their pay dates. Always hoped they’d get something like that again, but it’s never happened.

For a bit over a year after that they had a number of good merchandising projects that paid well in the 12-15 range while the other apps were 5-6, stock and display checking and the like... always felt like they were the most “reputable” of the “app” companies.. but over the years the pay steadily decreased to here it’s now 6-7... and since I’ve graduated from the other apps, I’ve done the same with

That said, if they ever have another giant buyback project, I’d jump on it... that was one of the most valuable and fun projects I’ve ever done in my MS career (yes, I said “fun” — but the schedulers never called it that lol).

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It’s ridiculous that Survey takes about 3 weeks to pay you, when the same jobs on other apps pay back in less than a week.
They were one of the first companies I did merchandising tasks for, and I loved it. I haven't done anything with them in probably a year, though, because the pay is so pathetic. One job where I had to spend 20 minutes twiddling my thumbs, waiting on the manager, was enough to steer me from any job that requires manager interaction. They usually take too long to respond and are annoyed when they finally do show up. Definitely not worth the measly $4-6 they pay.
They have supermarket mystery shops. The locations are remote, like you need to take a ferry. Those are the only ones I have seen. I haven't done one based on the distance though.
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