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They just bought out MCG, which I merchandise for. We haven't begun working with Winston yet but, so far, their communication has been plentiful and they keep us all in the loop about everything. MCG does mostly clothing merchandising. I believe Winston does as well.

Shopping Arkansas, Louisiana, & Mississippi.
@Want985 wrote:

Winston has standards

What standards do they have that differ from other companies?

Former mystery shopper, current merchandiser.
All stores are closing. It took them over a week to email anything from the President . Emails were sent out however directing to EDD this past week. All tasks are cancelled until further notice. So basically no work no pay for part timers. Do you think we should still get paid. They seem to be a huge company and should offer some type of support.
Will this company survive? JC Penny on the brink of bankruptcy. One of their main clients.
I used to do clothing merchandising for MCG in Sears. So now JC Penney? Why align with companies that were already in trouble before the pandemic?
Because that is where the clothing companies have their merchandise. Levis is one of their clients and they sell at various department stores. The clothing brands hire them, not the stores.
It looks like it's not just JC Penney. I am not sure if any of these listed are being shopped or merchandised but, here's a list of stores not doing well during all of this: []

Shopping Arkansas, Louisiana, & Mississippi.
Yeah, I remember redoing the Levi's section in the men's department at Sears years ago. What a total mess.
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